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first certificate masterclass 2015 students book pdf

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A Cambridge English: First FCE qualification proves you have the language skills to live and work independently in an English-speaking country or study on courses taught in English.

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Cambridge Proficiency Masterclass - Student’s Book

Contents Part 1 - Conversation with interlocutor p17 Pronunciation : Sentence stress p Part 2 - Sentence Part 2 - Individual long turn p27 Pronunciation: Sentence stress p27 completion p31 Adjective prefixes: extra , hyper, over, under p31 Part 4 - Multiple choice p Part''4 ::'. Adjective suffixes p Part 3 - Word formation p Compound adjectives p Pronunciation: Compound adjectives p Conditionals 0 , 1 and 2 p Conditional 3 p Mixed conditionals p unless, as long as, provided that p Part 4 - Key word transformation p This fully-updated and revised edition of First Masterclass provides material which gives prospective candidates appropriate preparation and practice for the Cambridge English: First exam.

The material in this course also provides opportunities for candidates to develop their English on a broader level for success in the real world beyond the exam. The units in this Student's Book contain practice of exam-type tasks for all the parts of each paper in the exam.

Vocabulary and grammar at a B2 level are developed throughout the course, with the latter being supported by the Grammar reference section page The Writing guide page further supports preparation for the Writing paper. The Online Practice unique access code on the card at the back of this book contains exercises which build on and extend the language and skills covered in the Student's Book.

The access code for your Online Practice also gives access to a full Cambridge English: First online practice test. We hope you enjoy using First Masterclass to help you to prepare for the Cambridge English: First exam. The exam consists of four papers covering all four skills and it also tests understanding of the structure of English. The Cambridge English: First certificate is proof of the fact that a candidate has a B2 level of English. Reading and Use of English This paper consists of 7 parts and takes one hour 15 minutes.

In Parts , candidates are tested on their knowledge of the structure of English with a focus on vocabulary and grammar, while Parts include longer texts with related comprehension tasks focusing on reading skills. This paper includes 52 questions in total. Choose one word from a set of four options to complete the gaps in a short text. Accuracy with vocabulary including knowledge of phrasal verbs, idioms, and collocations.

Use a given root word to form another word that fits appropriately in a gapped text. There are six unrelated sentences each followed by a single word and a gapped sentence. Use the word given to complete the gapped sentence so that it means the same as the first sentence. Answer each question about a long text by choosing one option from a set of four. Understanding of a text, including detail, purpose, opinion, gist, implication, main idea, meaning from context and text organization features.

Ability to locate detail or specific information and understand opinion and implication. Read and follow all instructions carefully.

Read each text through quickly before doing the related tasks. If there is a question you can't answer, don't waste time worrying about it. Go on to the next question. You will not have time to read all texts in detail, and it isn't necessary.

Skim and scan texts for answers where possible. Find more tips for the Reading and Use of English paper on page Writing This paper takes one hour 20 minutes and consists of two parts. In Part 1 , you must answer the question , which is always an essay. In Part 2 , you must choose one of three questions. These may include articles, letters or emails, reports and reviews. Each task carries equal marks. Read the context and task instructions. Write your answer, making sure you use all the notes given and that you give reasons for your opinion.

Ability to give opinions and reasons for your opinion in a clearly structured piece of writing in an appropriate register. The range and accuracy of your grammar and vocabulary, and whether you have answered the question.

Choose one question from questions These can include an article, a letter or email, a report or a review. Ability to produce a clearly structured piece of writing in an appropriate style for the intended reader. Spend a few minutes making a simple plan for each piece of writing.

Decide on an appropriate style, layout and organization. Think about the content of paragraphs and the language you will use , e. Keep your plan in mind while writing. Don't spend more than half the time on your first answer. Check your writing by reading it through.

Try to hear your own voice and 'listen' for mistakes. Check grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Listening This paper consists of four parts and takes about 40 minutes. The recorded texts may include the following: Single speakers: answerphone messages , public announcements, anecdotes, lectures , news reports , radio programmes , stories, talks.

Two or more speakers: conversations, discussions, interviews, radio plays. The speakers will have a variety of accents. Background sounds may be included before the speaking begins to provide contextual information. Candidates are given time to read through the questions after they listen to the instruction. They also have five minutes at the end to transfer their answers to the answer sheet. They hear each recording twice. There are 30 questions in this paper.

Listen to eight short Understanding of detail , unrelated extracts. For each gist, feeling, attitude, one, answer a question by purpose, agreement choosing one option from a between speakers.

Listen to one monologue and complete each of the ten sentences with a word or short phrase from the monologue. Listen to five short monologues with a common theme or link. Match each speaker to one of eight options.

Ability to identify main points, detail, gist, purpose, attitude, opinion and feeling. Listen to an interview or discussion two speakers and answer each of the questions by choosing one option from a set of three.

Ability to identify main idea , gist, attitude, opinion , detail and specific information. Listen carefully to the instructions on the recording. Try to predict as much as you can about the recording from the questions on the qu estion paper, before you listen. Don 't panic if you don 't understand much the first time. Answer all the questions, even if you are not sure of your answer. Find more tips for the Listening paper on page Speaking This paper consists of four parts and takes approximately 14 minutes.

There are normally two candidates and two examiners. One examiner just listens and assesses, while the other assesses , gives instructions and talks to the candidates. You will be assessed on: - Accurate use of grammar, and range and use of vocabulary - Pronunciation -.

Speak individually for one minute about two photographs you are given and give a second response to questions about your partner's photos. You are given written prompts to discuss with your partner for two minutes according to the examiner's instructions. This is followed by a oneminute decision-making task. Ability to interact with another speaker, give and ask for opinions and justify them, speculate, make suggestions and work towards a decision with your partner. Answer questions related to Ability to give opinions and the topic of the Part 3 task justify them, speculate and agree or disagree with your that the examiner asks.

At first, the examiner will as k you a few general questions about yourself. This is to help you relax. In Part 2, when you are given the pictures, don 't spend too long talking about the physical details. Move on to the theme of the pictures. Don't dominate the conversation. Allow your partner the opportunity to talk. In all parts, take the opportunity to show the examiner how good your English is.

Do this by using a wide range of vocabulary and grammar, and by speaking fluently and with good pronunciation. Keep talking until the examiner asks you to stop, and stay calm. Find more tips for the Speaking paper on page Introduction 1 Look at the photos. Which people do you think are being described in the statements below? She looks rather cheeky. I'd imagine he's very confident. She's probably quite easy-going.

First Masterclass (2015) Key.pdf

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First Certificate Masterclass Teacher’s Book

In an extensive survey, a b Same meaning: There is no obligation, it is not credit checking agency examined the contents of necessary. Second option is external — someone else say goodbye to their hard-earned cash. The Shh!

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Contents Part 1 - Conversation with interlocutor p17 Pronunciation : Sentence stress p Part 2 - Sentence Part 2 - Individual long turn p27 Pronunciation: Sentence stress p27 completion p31 Adjective prefixes: extra , hyper, over, under p31 Part 4 - Multiple choice p Part''4 ::'.

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Oxford First Certificate Masterclass (teacher´s Book)

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The exams skills training activities and tips give students confidence when approaching FCE tasks. The Student's Book includes access to an.

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