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emerging technologies of augmented reality interfaces and design pdf

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Emerging Technologies of Augmented Reality: Interfaces and Design

Cutting-edge technology is often dismissed as a toy, something that creates novelty for consumers but does not have practical business use. Few new technologies fit this description better than virtual reality and augmented reality. The video game industry has played a major role in embedding these trends into popular culture. VR in particular has been a long-standing goal, with systems such as the Sega VR headset, the Nintendo Virtual Boy, and the Oculus Rift driving gamers closer and closer to fully immersive settings. On the AR front, Pokemon Go has become a primary example used when describing how AR allows for interaction with the surrounding environment. Most people have a fairly good understanding of what VR looks like. The first ingredient needed to create an immersive experience is a headset that encompasses the field of vision.

This technical report is based on a dissertation submitted September by the author for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy to the University of Cambridge, Jesus College. Augmented Reality AR is an umbrella term for technologies that superimpose virtual contents onto the physical world. There is an emerging research focus on AR applications to improve quality of life for special user groups with diverse levels of age, skill, disabilities and knowledge. Symbolic play is an early childhood activity that requires children to interpret elements of the real world in a non-literal way. Much research effort has been spent to enhance symbolic play due to its close link with critical development such as symbolic thought, creativity and social understanding. In this thesis, I identified an analogy between the dual representational characteristics of AR and symbolic play. This led me to explore to what extent AR can promote cognitive and social development in symbolic play for young children with and without autism spectrum condition ASC.

Augmented Reality interfaces for symbolic play in early childhood

Michael Haller is a researcher working at the Department of Digital Media of the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences and responsible for computer graphics, multimedia programming, and augmented reality. He has produced technical publications and his work has been demonstrated at a wide variety of conferences. Mark Billinghurst is a researcher developing innovative computer interfaces that explore how virtual and real worlds can be merged to enhance face-to-face and remote collaboration. Director of the Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand and Associate Professor at the University of Canterbury, he has produced over technical publications and his work has been demonstrated at a wide variety of conferences. His academic qualifications include the following: B. Du kanske gillar. The Book Keith Houston Inbunden.

Development of 'Virtual' Tourism This historical monument of Lampung-based Mobile is projected as an innovation of socialization and exploration of historical monuments using attractive, informative and interactive computer graphics technology, because it can bring imitation of objects that are socialized so that tourists or visitors can interact and see the beauty directly historical monument objects which are products of national culture. In contrast to conventional promotions, the technology that will be applied is interactive and more interesting because the information that can be displayed is not only in the form of text and images that are usually found on a website, but also can display 3D objects, as well as animation in real time, so that tourists by using this mobile-based technology as if it can be directly and react with the historical monument of Lampung that is accessed. It is hoped that the application of computer graphics technology to tourism objects can support the dissemination of Indonesian cultural products to the international realm, which is one of the information technologies that is expected to be able to contribute positively to the preservation of Indonesian cultural products. This computer application development was developed using one of the software development methods, namely 'waterfall'. In this study, a series of activities will be carried out such as surveys, observations in order to obtain information on system requirements, design and proceed with the implementation stage by modeling 3D objects of the historical Lampung monument. Furthermore, integration is carried out on the unity application. At the next stage mobile testing is carried out.

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Although the field of mixed reality has grown significantly over the last decade, there have been few published books about augmented reality, particularly the interface design aspects. Emerging Technologies of Augmented Reality: Interfaces and Design provides a foundation of the main concepts of augmented reality AR , with a particular emphasis on user interfaces, design, and practical AR techniques, from tracking algorithms to design principles for AR interfaces. Emerging Technologies of Augmented Reality: Interfaces and Design contains comprehensive information focusing on the following topics: technologies that support AR, development environments, interface design and evaluation of applications, and case studies of AR applications. Buy Hardcover.

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Augmented reality

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