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Scalars and Vectors

Length of the arrow Tail head 9. Addition of vectors must be done by considering their directions. Sample Problem: Suppose a teacher walked from his house going to school and then back to his house 50 m east S. What is the total distance and displacement made by the teacher? Finding the distance: 50 m S.

Scalars, Vectors and Fields

In the study of physics, there are many different aspects to measure and many types of measurement tools. Scalar and vector quantities are two of these types of measurement tools. Keep reading for examples of scalar quantity and examples of vector quantity in physics. Understanding the difference between scalar and vector quantities is an important first step in physics. The main difference in their definitions is:. In other words, scalar quantity has magnitude, such as size or length, but no particular direction. When it does have a particular direction, it's a vector quantity.

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Displacement is a vector while distance is a scalar quantity. Do you have trouble figuring out if a quantity is a vector or a scalar? Just think — can this quantity have a minus sign? For example — can you have negative energy? Can you have negative displacement?

Delete Quiz. Form the dot product between the unit coordinate vectors. The position of a particle in a rectangular coordinate system is 3,2,5.

Physics is a mathematical science. The underlying concepts and principles have a mathematical basis. Throughout the course of our study of physics, we will encounter a variety of concepts that have a mathematical basis associated with them.

Scalar and vectors in physics - I

Defining Scalar and Vector Quantities

Scalar and vector quantities are ubiquitous in physics. However, most physics texts at the undergraduate level provide only a brief description of their nature. This creates confusion for many: all magnitudes are scalars and any physical quantity with magnitude and direction is defined as vector. The true test of a scalar or vector quantity comes by testing its nature under Galilean transformations, directed line segment, parallelogram or triangular law of addition. This article covers the nature of scalars and vectors that is appropriate for the undergraduate level. Lorentz scalars and vectors in four-dimensional space will be discussed in the next part.

Scalars and Vectors

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To better understand the science of propulsion it is necessary to use some mathematical ideas from vector analysis. Most people are introduced to vectors in high school or college, but for the elementary and middle school students, or the mathematically-challenged:. There are many complex parts to vector analysis and we aren't going there.

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VECTOR QUANTITIES IN. MECHANICS AND MOTION. ANALYSIS. CHAPTER objectives. To give students a good basic understanding of vectors and scalars.

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