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data interpretation and logical reasoning solved papers pdf

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CAT Exam Pattern

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning Questions for CAT

Last year, the total number of DILR questions were reduced from 32 to It remains to be seen what is the weightage of this setion in CAT In CAT , some important points about this section would be:. Though various examinations i. Hence, it becomes very necessary to understand this section and a CAT preparation plan.

Data Interpretation cannot be called a part of Mathematics because there is no theory, no property and no formula. These are sets of paragraphs which include numerical data in them which, generally, need to be put in a structure to be understood easily. They require a good control over basic calculation and approximation. They require patience and focus to ensure that not a single mistake happens. Example: How many states from the data given have male literacy rate more than 80 per cent, and female literacy rate less than 75 per cent?

But one can surely be asked to find a number which can be arrived at if there is a need of maximizing or minimizing the number. Example: Maximum how many of the employees of the range 35 to 45 years would be above 40 years if average age of employees of this age group is 42 years?

Structure Based : These include some specials sets. Example: Goals of various teams in a tournament, sales-disposal data of a particular product in market etc. Such sets used to be no surprise in the era of to Share of such sets have reduced since the CAT went online. Such questions are, generally time consuming sets and hence are very unlikely to be a part of any other exams with an exception of XAT. Calculation Skills: A sound control over mental calculation is a very good advantage in any test paper.

Our Advice: Avoid the use of calculator during last three months. Strengthen your mental abilities by spending 10 minutes daily on basic operations. Step 2: Have a look at the options and understand how accurately the answer need to be found.

Suppose a question involves finding as a percentage of with four options as shown below. Since the options have an acceptable gap, there is no need to find the exact answer. Simple approximation and elimination will do. A sizeable practice will inculcate this habit eventually.

Our Advice: Approximately 5 hours of DI solving every week. This should be 5 sittings of 1 hour each. Indeed, puzzles can be too random at times but there are some standard types of LR question types which are seen more often than others. Most important among them are the LR sets involving arrangement of data in a tabular structure. For Example: Five people live in five different cities with five different professions and have five different hobbies.

So, the importance of question types mentioned in the above paragraph is more in exams other than CAT. Venn Diagrams. Approximation and Conversion Techniques. Number Systems. Various MBA entrance exams have shown greater inclination towards some of the types of questions:. Apart from conventional LR questions, aspirants can expect syllogism and verbal reasoning questions as a part of LR section in some of the exams.

There are two stages of LR preparation:. They reduce speed of the test taker in these tests. CAT produced a time consuming LR section last year. XAT does it every year. So a regular practice is the only solution. Our Advice: Approximately 5 hours of LR solving every week.

Ensure that all major varieties are given importance while choosing material for practice. CAT Dates. CAT Application Form. CAT Pattern. CAT Syllabus. CAT Result. CAT Cut Off. CAT Percentile predictor prepared by Shiksha. So, predict your CAT score by clicking the link below:.

IIM Ahmedabad. Admissions Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. XAT SNAP NMAT IIFT MAT IBSAT Are there any chances to get selected in UBS Mumbai. Else, what could be an alternative choice for a college.

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Reply to Amardyuti Bose. You have a good chance. Reply to aatif raza. Reply to Meena. The minimum eligibility criteria of CAT is a Bachelor degree in any disciplines.

You have to complete the Graduation first. Reply to Vaibhav Sanghai. Good luck. We use cookies to improve your experience. By continuing to browse the site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Get Question Papers Download Guide. Parasharan Chari. Share this :. Check details. CAT result declared; Download scorecard now! Raise Objection till Dec View All Updates. View all 20 reviews. Exams: CAT.

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Data Interpretation PDF questions are here. It is common for both the preliminary and mains test. The difficulty level of the questions though varies for both phases. These contain different types of data interpretation Pdf questions ranging from prelims to mains level. Candidates are advised to practice them thoroughly to ensure selection in the upcoming banking exams. Data Interpretation PDF practice questions are here.

Last year, the total number of DILR questions were reduced from 32 to It remains to be seen what is the weightage of this setion in CAT In CAT , some important points about this section would be:. Though various examinations i. Hence, it becomes very necessary to understand this section and a CAT preparation plan. Data Interpretation cannot be called a part of Mathematics because there is no theory, no property and no formula.

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best book for logical reasoning and data interpretation

The tests provided by coaching institutes, more often than not, are much tougher than the actual CAT questions. This is one of the key reasons I suggest students not to take their mock scores too seriously, especially when it comes to the LR-DI section. The challenge is becoming even more ominous since the launch of the new pattern where 1 full hour will be dedicated to Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation in the exam.

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation are essential parts of any competitive exam. The exam has four main sections from which the questions are taken in CAT Exam, i. Best Books for Mathematical Skills Best books include: 1. Using this Data Interpretation book you can also practice several questions of Logical reasoning with a hint.

Data Interpretation Questions and Answers

He suggests that students should spend some time at the beginning of the test to categorize the questions to be easy, moderate, or difficult. Explore various courses on Data Interpretation from India's top educators on Unacademy.

CAT Preparation 2021: Data Interpretation

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Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation Practice Questions – Free PDF for Download

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Logical Reasoning for CAT questions PDF

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