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alpha teach yourself grammar and style in 24 hours pdf

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Hensley, Ph.

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OverviewIntroduction xxiii Introduction xxiii IntroductionBefore speech was created, everybody spoke in sign language. However, that didn't always work too well-especially at distances of several hundred yards or around corners. People soon realized that they could better communicate using sounds. Refer to Hour 1, "Understanding Grammar," to see if you can figure out why we believe spoken language started with onomatopoeia.

This made things easier, but it also meant you could no longer ignore somebody just by turning away. Once and if people used the same sounds to represent certain things, other people caught on to what was meant; when that happened, language was born. Maybe it didn't happen quite like that, but it's close enough for our purposes. Worries about dangling participles, misplaced modifiers, split infinitives, and ending a sentence with a preposition probably weren't priorities when someone was trying to get out of the path of a woolly mammoth or escape from a saber-toothed tiger.

Regardless of language's true evolution, when you boil it down to its essence, grammar means using words in a way that other people will understand. Once you communicate in a way that forges this understanding, you can better master your world. This book teaches the fundamentals of English grammar. The good news is that you probably know most of these rules. You've been speaking and writing since you were a kid. You probably have an inner knack for being able to tell if a sentence is wrong or right; however, if you're like most people, you probably can't say why.

This book will teach you how to tell the difference and when it's okay to ignore that difference. Even if you're new to the English language, you probably speak another one. Therefore, you'll find that, despite all of its exceptions, most of the rules of English actually make sense; you'll probably even find that some of the rules are identical to rules in other languages.

English grammar can appear daunting, but once you start to get inside it, you find that you absorb the rules quite naturally. We've taken the essentials and broken them down into easy-to-understand segments. Most of the grammar rules appear in the first half of the book.

In Part I, "Grappling with Grammar," we cover the definition, logic, and nuances of grammar and show you exactly what makes up the basic parts of a sentence.

Part II, "Getting Grounded in Grammar," explains the elementary sentence components-nouns, gerunds, pronouns, verbs, articles, adjectives, adverbs, phrases, clauses-and most forms of punctuation. We'll show you the steps to add the necessary flair and finesse to take the written and spoken word beyond the mundane and into the realm of efficiency and effectiveness.

You'll learn how to come up with and develop ideas, adapt presentations to fit your audience, handle the standard forms of business correspondence, and overcome problem words and expressions.

We wrap up with the appendixes, which provide you with a glossary to verify word and term definitions plus additional and sometimes alternative information on the books and other resources you've encountered in "Biblio File" notes throughout the book. Introduction xxiiiTake the quiz again the next time you sit down to read an hour.

It will act as a refresher to help you remember what you've learned and to get your mind in gear for the next round of grammar and style. You can also use the glossary in Appendix A as a quick reference guide for terms you're not completely comfortable with yet.

We know you don't have a lot of extra time. You're a hard-working individual whose life is probably spent working for others, whether it's your boss or your family, and you want to do something for yourself.

We've created this book for you, to make learning the rules-and the exceptions to those rules-as easy as possible. To that end, along with the general instructions, we've inserted some elements into each hour to help you with your newfound and expanding understanding of grammar and style. This book contains a lot of miscellaneous cross-references, tips, shortcuts, and warnings as sidebars from the regular text. These odds and ends are given particular names, and here's how they stack up: e.

These are examples of grammar and style rules. These are quick references to direct you toward further reading and examples in other sources. Writing is about usage and style. The spoken word relies on the same conventions, just in a less obvious sense. The most difficult thing about the study of grammar is that, to do it, you have to take the language out of its context-its atmosphere, surroundings, or setting.

Rigid syntax sentence structure without context can cause anxiety and dry prose. Traditional schoolbook grammar emphasizes parsing, sentence diagramming, and the identification of parts of speech and parts of a sentence. It is based on a system of rules derived from Latin grammars of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. See Hour 8 for a review of prepositions. See Hour 12 for a review of problem words and expressions. See Hour 7 for a review of reaching agreements. See Hour 3 for a review of proper nouns.

See Hour 5 for a review of verbs. Knowledge of grammar alone doesn't make a good writer. The ability to diagram sentences with the best of 'em is no substitute for the gut feeling of how words should appear on a page. The same holds true for having a sense of how to tell a story. However, the ability to do both of these well-to write and speak with the authority necessary to be taken seriously-does develop from the knowledge and application of the "rules.

Because it shows us two things How the English sentence works 2. Your best approach to grammar is to see it not as a series of mundane rules to be mastered but as a way of helping yourself look and sound as if you know what you're talking or writing about.

Descriptive grammar is the basis for modern linguistics-the scientific study of language. It stresses and clarifies the systematic nature of the sentence in the language it's teaching.

Certain conclusions about a word grouping can be made by the context of those words. You make these conclusions by comparing the words to others you've encountered in the past. Oftentimes, you decipher a new definition by forming a hypothesis, or theory, about a word based on the context; if your conclusion makes sense, you determine that your hypothesis is correct. Basically, whether you realize it or not, you employ the same methods used by a linguist studying any facet of a language including its grammar.

You just do it subconsciously rather than scientifically. Words may proceed in a seemingly linear fashion, but that fashion can make all the difference in the world.

Words mean things. You can't just throw them around in any old way you choose. And we don't mean restraining those profanities you're mumbling under your breath about your boss. The cow jumped over the moon. As improbable as this scenario seems, it's more probable thanThe moon jumped over the cow.

Certain words have certain restrictions. As you'll learn in Hour 2, "Mastering the Basic Parts of a Sentence," sentences and sentence order are important. Understanding Grammar 5 The words within a sentence are at work on six different levels simultaneously. Cultural context involves the things a person brings to the meaning or the interpretation of that meaning based on such things as national origin or religion. The linguistic context is the setting words, phrases, and sentences in which the text occurs.

Social context includes the identity of the speaker and the person or persons to whom he or she is speaking, their relationship, and the speaker's intent or purpose in making the remark.

Understanding the context is a major step toward comprehension of any communication. Discourse doesn't occur in a vacuum, so context is necessary to fully understand the meanings of words and structures within an utterance semantics. Wording can alter the meaning of a sentence. Refer to the "cow" and "moon" example earlier in this Hour.

Those of you who learned to read by being told to "sound out the word" probably had phonics class in grade school. Phonology is the branch of linguistics that deals with sounds and sound changes, the study of all the sounds the human voice is capable of creating.

It's partially responsible for some of the spelling variations we struggle to make sense of blue, blew, bleu because it traces specifically the ways in which those sounds made it into our languages.

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Thank you for publishing this information. It gives a huge opportunity for studying English language. Thank you for it.

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