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Abbasi, S.

Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention: Evidence from Bangladesh

In the face of a changing and turbulent environment, an organizational learning culture OLC is crucial for the long-term operation of an organization. A learning culture provides the capacity to effectively integrate employees, and it also provides structure so that an organization can move forward via continuous learning and change. Few empirical results are available from Chinese companies enduring an organizational change. To bridge this research gap, this study investigated the relationships among an OLC, job satisfaction, turnover intentions and job performance during organizational change. A quantitative approach with structural equation modeling SEM and bootstrapping estimation was used to test hypotheses developed from a sample of employees in a restructured telecommunications company in Taiwan. Employees who experienced a higher learning culture had lower levels of turnover intentions and exhibited better job performance.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: In this article I study how companies can use their personnel data and information from job satisfaction surveys to predict employee quits. An important issue discussed at length in the article is how employers can ensure the anonymity of employees in surveys used for management and human resources HR analytics. I argue that a simple mechanism whereby the company delegates the implementation of job satisfaction surveys to an external consulting company can be optimal. View on SAGE.

Why Employees Stay

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The Mediating Effect of Job Satisfaction on Leadership Style & Turnover Intention Relationship

The purpose of this study is to explain the effect of job stress and job satisfaction on staff turnover rates. The study population was drawn from employees of government commercial banks in East Java, Indonesia. With multi-stage sampling techniques, a research sample of people was obtained.

Many companies spend a great amount of time money investigating the causes of employee turnover—for example, through programs of exit interviews. Usually the intent behind such studies is to find out why people leave—the idea being that if a company can identify the reasons for terminations, it can work to hold terminations, and turnover, down. While a company may obtain very valuable information from termination interviews, this kind of approach has two signal defects:. It looks at only one side of the coin—the termination side.

This study, which was conducted at Bunna International Bank S. C, had two-fold objectives. Firstly, to investigate the direct relationship between job satisfaction and employee turnover intention. The second part of the objective examined the relationship between perceived available employment opportunity and turnover intention.

Nowadays job satisfaction and turnover intention are the most important and widely researched variables. Job satisfaction increases loyalty and professional commitment to the organization which leads to productivity. On the other hand, the turnover intention has serious negative consequences for effective organizational operations.

Satisfaction & Environment

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The Mediating Effect of Job Satisfaction on Leadership Style & Turnover Intention Relationship

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PDF | Abstract The study has been designed to determine the relationship between the factors that contribute towards the turnover intention of faculty | Find.

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