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Saturday Night and Sunday Morning was based on the first novel by British author Alan Sillitoe , who wrote the screenplay. He based the grim but compelling story line on his own experiences working in a factory and used the plot as a plea for the younger generation of Brits to break the bonds that restricted them to predictable and unfulfilling lives.

No wonder I've always got a bad back,.

For Saturday Night and Sunday Morning clearly has a scope that is far wider than that of the accurately rendered, now period, social piece, a scope that in the fullness of time will make it a locus classicus of the British novel in the latter half of the twentieth century. Alexander, E n g lish Stu dies in C anada, vii, 4, December has a manuscript entitled A Clockwork Orange in preparation and it is in a mocking recitation from that manuscript that the egregious Alex sounds the keynote of the novel : The attempt to impose upon man, a creature of growth and capable of sweetness, to ooze juicily at the last round the bearded lips of God, to attempt to impose, I say, laws and conditions appropriate to a mechanical creation, against this I raise my swordpen. What one constantly encounters in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning is the fragmentation of community by the solipsistic urgencies of the individual, usually, but not always, Arthur. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning: Guide

A film guide that looks at Saturday Night and Sunday Morning , a seminal British film from the s about a working class man who lives for the weekend. This guide is useful for exploring topics including PSHE Education and English in addition to highlighting themes surrounding health and wellbeing, love and relationships, family, abuse, literature and adaptations, authors and characters, and books and plays. Marvellous British drama that tells the tale of two schoolchildren, Romeo and 'Knocks', and their fractious friendship. Cert ificate. Duration 90 mins. A memorable drama that involves a pregnant teenage girl who shares a flat with an openly gay man. Duration 96 mins.

Saturday night and Sunday morning

Mr Sillitoe is a born writer, who knows his milieu and describes it with vivid, loving precision. His book has a glow about it as though he had plugged it into some basic source of the working-class spirit. Lawrence's mystic, brooding working-men ever came. Alan Sillitoe was born in and left school at 14 to work in various factories. His first stories were printed in the 'Nottingham Weekly Guardian'. Both these books were made into films. Du kanske gillar.

This two-part review is by Rod Prince. I think that this may be of particular interest in this instance, because of the style of the novel. Films made from novels are usually unsatisfactory, because they fail to break away from literary terms; films derived from plays are worse still, because they seem to bring out all the latent theatricality in film-makers. But the qualities of Saturday Night and Sunday Morning and I mean the book are non-literary ones: as a novel it is less worthy of note than as a potential film. The book is, in fact, constructed in more or less self-contained sequences, linked by the vaguest sort of narrative, and some of them like the Christmas sequence almost completely independent. I think, therefore, that the book is most successful in its most cinematic aspects—in its re-creation of a complete world; and least successful where it is trying to be a novel—on the level of plot and language.

Katori Hall Plays One

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It is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Alan Sillitoe , who also wrote the screenplay adaptation. The film is about a young machinist, Arthur, who spends his weekends drinking and partying, all the while having an affair with a married woman. The film is one of a series of " kitchen sink drama " films made in the late s and early s, as part of the British New Wave of filmmaking, from directors such as Reisz, Jack Clayton , Lindsay Anderson , John Schlesinger and Tony Richardson and adapted from the works of writers such as Sillitoe, John Braine and John Osborne. A common trope in these films was the working-class " angry young man " character in this case, the character of Arthur , who rebels against the oppressive system of his elders. Arthur Seaton is a young machinist at the Raleigh bicycle factory in Nottingham.

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

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Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

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Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

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After all,. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning was and remains a first novel, with all its liberties and limitations. Yet it was in this piece of work that I think I found.

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