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Founded 19 years ago, the company is directly represented in 11 countries; in nine other countries, PCE also cooperates with engineering firms or commercial agents as sales and service partners. The product portfolio covers a broad, diversified range, which includes a big number of the Products and Services for a wide range of applications The comprehensive product and service program of PCE Instruments offers you high precision and flexibility in all applications as well as outstanding quality and functionality. Below you may find an overview of the areas we work in.

Interview Questions on Vibration Measurement

It is essential to monitor critical machines in the plants for increasing their efficiency and reliability. Unbalance of shaft, Bearing problem, Cracking of the rings, Fluid coupling problem, Shaft misalignment, Oil whirl and other dynamic instabilities. One can extend the life of the machines by monitoring these online in a cost effective way. Vibration Monitoring and Analysis is the easiest way to keep machines healthy and efficient in the long run and increase the overall efficiency of the plant. It reduces the overall operating cost as well as the down time period.

What is Condition Monitoring – your indepth guide and pdf

Please select if the website is allowed to use only neccessary cookies or also functional cookies, as described on below link:. Information about cookies. A vibration analyzer is used for testing and inspection in manufacturing production facilities, product development laboratories, construction sites and more. A vibration analyzer measures vibration for the preventative maintenance of manufacturing equipment. A vibration analyzer also is used to assess a machine's axis of rotation. If there is rotating unbalance, the rotor may be exchanged during a scheduled downtime of the machine.

A conventional instrumentation systems in monitoring vibration of large-scale infrastructure building such as bridges, railway, and others structural building, generally has a complex design. Makes it simple would be very useful both in terms of low-cost and easy maintenance. To make system become simple, low cost, and easy in maintenance, this paper proposes a distributed network for implementation system. The system consists of field bus topology, using single-master multi-slave architecture. Master is a control unit, built based on a PC equipped with RS interface. Slave is a sensing unit; each slave is built by integrating a 3-axis vibration sensor within a microcontroller based data acquisition system. Vibration sensor is designed using the main components of a MEMS accelerometer.

Condition monitoring is the process of monitoring conditions in machinery such as vibration and temperature to look for signs that a fault may be developing. Condition monitoring is more efficient than reactive maintenance since faults can generally be avoided, thus reducing machine downtime, saving money and prolonging the life of the machine. Condition monitoring was carried out, at one time, by an experienced engineer holding a wooden stick against a piece of machinery and feeling the frequencies and harmonies of its vibrations. While this technique could reveal much about the condition of the machine, we are now lucky enough to live in the age of cyber technology and Advanced Maintenance Techniques AMTs. Use of the latest developments in computer analysis enables engineers to make better-informed judgements about the condition and future operation of machinery — either a stand-alone piece of equipment or as part of a multi-machine process.

Basic condition monitoring products

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Basics of Structural Vibration Testing and Analysis

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Vibration Analyzer / Vibration Analyser

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