First World Urban Activism Beyond Austerity Urbanism And Creative City Politics Pdf

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first world urban activism beyond austerity urbanism and creative city politics pdf

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This paper draws out some of the ambivalences of the bourgeoning work on urban practices of sharing, collaborating and saving and their recent conceptualizations: In political economy accounts of neoliberal urbanism, these practices are seen as a means of coping with — and thereby often reinforcing — larger structural transformations that reproduce urban inequality Peck, This paper attempts to move beyond such potentially constraining conceptualizations. First, in a theoretical discussion, we attend to both lines of thinking and seek to critically acknowledge their traps and constraints. Second, we relate low budget practices to concerns about poverty.

Reassembling austerity research

California continues to be at the epicentre of the current Great Recession. Cities around the state are facing a multiple-fronted assault on their fiscal situation. This paper explores the place of a number of Californian cities in the context of the wider onset of US austerity urbanism. This constitutes a deepening and widening of some aspects of earlier neo-liberalisation. Most users should sign in with their email address. If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above.

First world urban activism

Culturally-led urban redevelopment became the norm throughout Europe during the s. It was rationalized as the idea of a creative city — a city for a new creative class — and characterized by the insertion of new art museums in post-industrial zones, the designation of cultural quarters, and the adoption of city branding strategies based on reductive images of the city as a cultural site. In some cases, local cultures were marginalized; in others, the promised new prosperity did not arrive while the aestheticisation of space led to gentrification. The creative city is not a socially coherent but — in contrast to the modernist city of public well-being — a socially divisive city, in which culture as the arts is privileged over culture as the articulation of shared values in everyday life. The financial services crisis has interrupted this trajectory, however, providing an opportunity to re-assess the idea of a creative city and the values implicit in it. Alternatives emerge in direct action — notably Occupy in — and activist art. Could there be a post-creative city?

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The social movements argue the right to housing as a basic human right and an unconditional public health imperative, to fulfill the duties of lockdown and social isolation, imposed by the State of Exception. There achievements are limited, because they are temporary and exceptional and are not concerted and politically integrated. Now, the collectives and associations that defend this right were able to capitalise on it as a human right, focusing on the difficulty of access to housing in conditions of decent habitability that allow the isolation required by the political health authorities, catapulting this issue to the top of the social and political agenda. Digital protests, campaigns, petitions, open letters and memoranda addressed to political authorities with responsibility in the matter have multiplied. After all, how can we quarantine without a home?

Mayer's ( ) research on urban activism in the global North following the react to neoliberal politics and austerity urbanism, starting from a worldwide First, austerity has been argued to have played a central role in.

First world urban activism

As important actors in the process of spatial governance, urban movements and other non-governmental organisations have been becoming increasingly active in many Polish cities in recent years. The initiatives taken by these associations to improve the quality of space and sustainable urban development are permanently changing the nature of the process of local urban planning. In view of these changes, there is a need to assess the scope and effects of the actions of urban movements, as well as their chances of becoming a stable partner in the process of urban governance. However, in this work the focus was placed on spatial aspects and participatory planning.

Mayer First world urban activism 2013

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This paper introduces the special issue and explains the diversity as well as common features of mobilization practices present in cities around the world. This paper strives to fuse the framework of social movements as networks Diani, in: Diani, McAdam eds Social movements and networks, Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp —, of challengers Gamson in The strategy of social protest, Wadsworth Publishing, Belmont, with the concepts of diffusion and translation of ideas, borrowed from Finnemore and Sikkink Int Org 52 4 —, It also illustrates the application of the theoretical concepts of incumbents and challengers Gamson , organizational platform and norm life cycle Finnemore and Sikkink as well as the development on movement networks within and between localities Diani in The cement of civil society: studying networks in localities, Cambridge University Press, New York, The interest in urban activism within a broader context of civil society and social movements has been growing steadily in recent years, as a consequence of a new wave of activism emerging in urban settings across the globe. Urban mobilization takes many forms, including traditional civil society organizations grassroots neighborhood organizations, housing associations, local interest groups, politically or culturally oriented pressure groups , as well as protests initiatives against profit-oriented urban policies or commercialization of public resources or political movements for environmental and social justice.

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