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difference between dsp and microprocessor pdf

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FPGA and microcontrollers are two of the most popular items of electrical engineers or hobbyists use. Both can be programmed to perform certain functions.

This may prove to be a limiting factor, depending on the application.

Digital signal processor

A microcontroller is a chip optimized to control electronic devices. It is stored in a single integrated circuit which is dedicated to performing a particular task and execute one specific application. It is specially designed circuits for embedded applications and is widely used in automatically controlled electronic devices. In this Microprocessor Vs. Microcontroller tutorial, you will learn: What is Microcontroller? What is a Microprocessor? A microprocessor is a controlling unit of a micro-computer wrapped inside a small chip.

To understand in detail we have to take a look at the general architecture of a Microprocessor and Microcontroller, which is exactly what we are going to do in this article. Microcontrollers are generally used in projects and applications that require direct control by users. As it has all the components needed in its single chip, it does not need any external circuits to do its task so microcontrollers are heavily used in embedded systems and major microcontroller manufacturing companies are making them be used in the embedded market. A microcontroller can be called the heart of an embedded system. Above is architecture of microcontroller.

Signal Processing Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for practitioners of the art and science of signal, image and video processing. It only takes a minute to sign up. I know that DSPs are specialized processors but i want to know what will happen if DSPs are replaced by general purpose processor in their applications? I know one application,mobile phone,will that work normally if DSP of mobile is replaced by a normal general purpose microprocessor. On a basic level, in my opinion, a DSP chip must, as a minimum requirement, be able to optimally perform the convolution summation used to compute the output of an FIR filter. Both spaces can be accessed in parallel simultaneously.

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Founded on an efficient memory-based architecture, the CEVA TeakLite family combines small die size and high code density with high levels of processing power. These scalable options enable a precise balance to optimally address different target applications, like baseband audio and voice, media codecs, voice-activated interfaces and more. The CEVA-TeakLite 4 architecture supports both an advanced set of digital signal processing instructions as well as general-purpose microprocessor instructions. The instruction set and programming model are designed for straightforward generation of compact and efficient code and the integrated second-generation Power Scaling Unit PSU 2. This enables new audio DSP chip designs to leverage existing applications and a large installed base of software and simplifies the migration of existing designs to a higher performance DSP core.

In the s it was predicted that artificial intelligence would revolutionize the way humans interact with computers and other machines. It was believed that by the end of the century we would have robots cleaning our houses, computers driving our cars, and voice interfaces controlling the storage and retrieval of information. This hasn't happened; these abstract tasks are far more complicated than expected, and very difficult to carry out with the step-by-step logic provided by digital computers. However, the last forty years have shown that computers are extremely capable in two broad areas, 1 data manipulation , such as word processing and database management, and 2 mathematical calculation , used in science, engineering, and Digital Signal Processing. All microprocessors can perform both tasks; however, it is difficult expensive to make a device that is optimized for both. There are technical tradeoffs in the hardware design, such as the size of the instruction set and how interrupts are handled. Figure lists the most important differences between these two categories.

Handbook of Signal Processing Systems pp Cite as. Recently the border between DSP processors and general-purpose processors has been diminishing as general-purpose processors have obtained DSP features to support various multimedia applications. This chapter provides a view to general-purpose DSP processors by considering the characteristics of DSP algorithms and identifying important features in a processor architecture for efficient DSP algorithm implementations. Fixed-point and floating-point data paths are discussed. Memory architectures are considered from parallel access point of view and address computations are shortly discussed. Unable to display preview.

DSP processors lack a flash program memory so software must be loaded into them. Digital processors perform integer mathematical operations faster while microcontrollers lack the required hardware. Processors tend to be faster when handling floating point operations that require software in microcontrollers.

Microcontroller vs Microprocessor

A digital signal processor DSP is a specialized microprocessor chip, with its architecture optimized for the operational needs of digital signal processing. The goal of a DSP is usually to measure, filter or compress continuous real-world analog signals. Most general-purpose microprocessors can also execute digital signal processing algorithms successfully, but may not be able to keep up with such processing continuously in real-time.

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Microprocessors vs. DSPs: Microprocessors vs. DSPs: Fundamentals and Distinctions. (DSP) Example: Viterbi Add-Compare-Select (ACS) Loop.

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DSP processors and microcontrollers are microprocessors that are programmed to execute specific tasks or applications as assigned by their user.

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