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High yields of top-quality crops require an abundant supply of 16 essential nutrient elements table 1. In addition to providing a place for crops to grow, soil is the source for most of the essential nutrients required by the crop.

Soil testing and plant analysis in Australia

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Importance of Soil Analysis

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 33 8 - Published: Food, fibre and pharmaceuticals from animals. Shopping Cart: empty. Search our journals. Abstract During the past 3 4 decades, there has been a modest growth in the demand for soil amd plant testing services in Australia. Such development reflects an increasing awareness by farmers that there are tangible benefits from the regular use of soil and plant analysis. Concomitant with these changes, there has been an increasing breadth and sophistication in the range of available services, instrumental advances that permit more rapid analytical throughput, evolution of computer management systems including computer-generated reports , and a general decrease in reporting time to primary producers.

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Soil analysis is a set of various chemical processes that determine the amount of available plant nutrients in the soil, but also the chemical, physical and biological soil properties important for plant nutrition, or "soil health". Chemical soil analysis determines the content of basic plant nutrients; nitrogen N , phosphorus P2O5 , potassium K 2 O , pH, humus content, total CaCO3, available lime, organic matter, total sulphur S , trace elements, and other physical characteristics capacity, permeability, density, pH - value. Soil analysis imply :. According to the content of nutrients in the soil obtained by chemical analysis and the requirements of the culture for a certain yield, it is easier to determine the amount of required fertilizer to achieve high and quality yields. High quality soil analysis is basis of planning of fertilizing, and thus the quality of the entire production cycle, which results in a high quality and yield and better farm management. When to make a soil analysis?

Soil and Plant Analysis

Iron chlorosis caused by an elevated soil pH remains an important selection criteria in evaluating hybrid Populus trials in northwest New Mexico. Compared to expensive extraction methods or visual ranking scales, the soil plant analysis development SPAD chlorophyll meter is a handheld tool that objectively indicates leaf color. Based on the total chlorophyll content supported with foliar element data , Fe sufficiency threshold values from SPAD measurements were estimated in these two clones. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution.

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Soil and Plant Analysis

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Weekly outline

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Soil Analysis: A key to soil nutrient management

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Can soil plant analysis development values predict chlorophyll and total Fe in hybrid poplar?

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