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structural sensing health monitoring and performance evaluation pdf

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Download Structural Sensing, Health Monitoring, and Performance Evaluation by D. Huston

Covid 19 updates and more information about using the Libraries while you're remote. Finding items Advanced search Start Over. Availability I Want It. Series: Series in sensors Contents: Machine generated contents note: 1. Introduction -- 1.

Need for Structural and Performance Health Monitoring -- 1. Measurands -- 1. Geometric Configuration -- 1. Kinematics: Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration -- 1. Strain -- 1. Force, Pressure, and Stress -- 1. Strength -- 1. Temperature -- 1. Cracks -- 1. Fatigue -- 1. Chemical State -- 1. Electrical, Magnetic, and Electromagnetic Properties -- 1. Scour Meters -- 1. Sensor Performance Benchmarks -- 1.

Sensor Dimensionality and Spatial Dependence -- 1. Data Format -- 1. Precision and Accuracy -- 1. Linearity -- 1. Dynamic Range -- 1. Rise Time and Frequency Dependence -- 1. Cross Talk -- 1. Durability, Maintainability, and Redundancy -- 1. Calibration and Self-Calibration -- 1.

Registration -- 1. Power -- 1. Ease of Use and Cost -- 1. Data Collection, Storage, and Transmission -- 1. Data Processing, Decision Making, and Prognosis -- 1. Future of SHM -- References -- 2. Point Sensors -- 2. Mechanical Sensors -- 2. Accelerometers -- 2. Dial Indicators, Whittemore and Scaratch Gages -- 2. Tiltmeters -- 2. Vibrating-Wire Strain Gages -- 2.

Wire Tension Meter -- 2. Crack and Joint Width Measurement Systems -- 2. Schmidt Hammer -- 2. Concrete Force Extraction and Pulloff Testers -- 2. Permeability Testers -- 2. Stress Meters and Pressure Gages -- 2. Mine Posts and Mine Flags -- 2. Peak Strain Sensors and Fatigue Fuses -- 2. Scour Meters -- 2. Electrical Sensors -- 2. Electrical Resistance Sensors -- 2. Resistive Strain Gages -- 2. Load Cells -- 2. Resistive Temperature Gages -- 2. Thermoelectric Sensors -- 2.

Capacitive Sensors -- 2. Magnetic Inductance and Reluctance-Based Sensors -- 2. Electromechanical Sensors -- 2. Piezoelectric and Magnetostrictive Sensors -- 2. Fiber Optic Sensors -- 2. Intensity-Based Fiber Optic Sensors -- 2. Interference-Based Point Sensors -- 2. Polarization-Based Sensors -- 2.

Chemical and Corrosion Sensors -- References -- 3. Distributed and Noncontact Sensors -- 3. Introduction -- 3. Noncolocated Point Sensors -- 3.

Plumb Bobs and Inclinometers -- 3. Liquid-Level Meter -- 3. Half-Cell Corrosion and Resistance Meters -- 3. Line-of-Sight Optical Instruments -- 3. Multipoint Extensometer Sensing Systems -- 3. Modern Physics Sensors -- 3. Quasi-Static Sensors -- 3. Time Domain Reflectometry -- 3. Elastic Waves: Sonar and Ultrasound -- 3. Impact-Echo Testing -- 3. Magnetic Induction and Circuits -- 3.

Nonimaging 2-D Sensors -- 3. Piezoelectric Transducer Networks -- 3. Visual Inspection -- 3. Photographic and Video Image Processing -- 3.

Temperature Sensing and IR Thermography -- 3. Magnetic Particle Detection -- 3. Dye Penetrant and Soap Examination -- 3. Electrical Impedance Tomography -- 3. Nonimaging 3-D Systems -- 3. Chain Drag and Rotary Percussion Sounding -- 3. Eddy Current Sensing -- 3.

Imaging GPR and Ultrasound -- 3. GPR Regulatory Environment -- 3. Acoustic Emission Monitoring -- 3. Radiography -- References -- 4.

Data Acquisition, Conditioning, and Sensor Networking -- 4. Amplitude Range and Quantization -- 4. Digitization in Time and Space -- 4. Transducer Registration and Smart Sensors -- 4. Transducer Registration -- 4.

Structural Health Monitoring and Assessment: Sensors and Analysis

Structural health monitoring SHM involves the observation and analysis of a system over time using periodically sampled response measurements to monitor changes to the material and geometric properties of engineering structures such as bridges and buildings. For long term SHM, the output of this process is periodically updated information regarding the ability of the structure to perform its intended function in light of the inevitable aging and degradation resulting from operational environments. After extreme events, such as earthquakes or blast loading, SHM is used for rapid condition screening and aims to provide, in near real time, reliable information regarding the integrity of the structure. Measurements may be taken to either directly detect any degradation or damage that may occur to a system or indirectly by measuring the size and frequency of loads experienced to allow the state of the system to be predicted. To directly monitor the state of a system it is necessary to identify features in the acquired data that allows one to distinguish between the undamaged and damaged structure. One of the most common feature extraction methods is based on correlating measured system response quantities , such a vibration amplitude or frequency, with observations of the degraded system. Damage accumulation testing, during which significant structural components of the system under study are degraded by subjecting them to realistic loading conditions, can also be used to identify appropriate features.

Request PDF | Structural Sensing, Health Monitoring, and Performance Evaluation | Structural health monitoring (SHM) uses one or more in.

Download Structural Sensing, Health Monitoring, and Performance Evaluation by D. Huston

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Mosbeh R. Structural health monitoring SHM aims to assess the behavior of structures and evaluate the performance of materials during the life cycle of the structures. Such assessment should include the different parts of the structure and full assembly of the structure as a whole under different cases of loadings. SHM involves the integration of sensors, smart materials, data transmission, computational power, and processing inside the structure.

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Search this site. BAksoSatu - Download and read D. Huston Synopsis: Structural health monitoring SHM uses one or more in situ sensing systems placed in or around a structure, providing real-time evaluation of its performance and ultimately preventing structural failure.

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ASME-Wiley, This chapter describes a wide range of experiments conducted in both controlled laboratory and challenging field environments to evaluate the performance of the computer vision sensor system for measuring dynamic displacement. Laboratory shaking table tests are carried out to compare the accuracy of displacements measured by vision sensors that track high-contrast artificial targets and low-contrast natural targets, respectively, on the structural surface as well as by reference sensors. The robustness of the vision sensor is examined in unfavorable environmental conditions such as dim light, background image disturbance, and partial template occlusion. Sign In or Create an Account. Sign In.

Book Description. Structural health monitoring (SHM) uses one or more in situ sensing systems placed in or around a structure, providing real-time evaluation of​.

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Structures such as buildings, bridges, dams, wind turbines etc. Choosing an appropriate monitoring system is important for determining any critical damage to a structure and address that to avoid any adverse consequence. Structural Health Monitoring SHM has emerged as an effective technique to monitor the health of the structures. SHM refers to an ongoing structural performance assessment using different kinds of sensors attached to or embedded in the structures to evaluate their integrity and safety to help engineers decide on rehabilitation measures.

Written in English. Huston for online ebook. Huston Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books, books to read, good books to read, cheap books, good books, online books. Structural health monitoring SHM has attracted more attention during the last few decades in many engineering fields with the main aim of avoiding structural disastrous events.

Structural sensing, health monitoring, and performance evaluation

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