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Doscher, Todd M.

Once a well has been drilled, the decision must be made: Will this well become a producer or be plugged and abandoned as a dry hole?

Completion (oil and gas wells)

It involves running production tubing and downhole tools e. It also involves perforating and stimulating the well, commonly known as the frac. It can also include acidizing and nitrogen circulation as needed. In the early phases of oil exploration and production, companies targeted large pools of oil in highly permeable rock. In the lower 48 states of the US and Canada, those pools of oil have been largely tapped. When companies were targeting pooled oil, the greatest determinant of success was finding oil. However, in the age of tight oil, the locations of shale are well known.

In short, well completion simply means deeming the well a commercially viable operation, then preparing the well for production. The most widely held view is that completion begins when a drill bit first makes contact with a productive reservoir. A successful completion must first make the optimum mechanical connection between the wellbore and the reservoir. That optimum connection must perform three functions. It must:.

An investigation was initiated into the mechanics of gas-well perforating because of a number of cases of drastic increases in productivity of gas wells after reperforating the same interval. Since these reperforations were with gas at low pressure in the wellbore, a test series was set up in a flow laboratory to investigate the factors involved. Berea sandstone was perforated with gas, kerosene as a formation fluid. Tests were made over a wide range of pressure differentials both to the formation and in the wellbore. The results of the test series show that the fluid pressure conditions in the wellbore at the time of perforating are much more important for gas-filled than for liquid-filled formations.

An Introduction to the Basic of Well Completions.pdf

In addition to preparing new oil and gas wells for production, drilling teams also revitalize existing wells. This process involves repairing or stimulating the well—such as replacing the tubing or deepening the well—to restore or enhance its production of oil or gas. Continued investment in drilling and completions technologies is important as wells become deeper, longer and more geologically complex and as we extract resources from challenging rock formations. Key exploration areas are the U. Gulf of Mexico, the deep waters off western Africa and offshore northwest Australia.

Harper, G. The use of this extra string provides an annular space which can be employed to perform a number of functions. The Union Oil Co. In view of the economics, further consideration should be given to concentrically completing dual oil wells before deciding to incur the extra expense of larger hole, larger casing sizes and two strings of tubing required for parallel duals. Particularly this is true where past history of the two zones is available. Numerous oil wells have been completed in this manner and have produced over a million bbl of oil on the lower zone and three-quarters of a million bbl on the upper zone over the past 17 years. In view of this history, it is hard to justify to management the extra cost of parallel string, dual completions.

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Well completion is the process of making a well ready for production or injection after drilling operations. This principally involves preparing the bottom of the hole to the required specifications, running in the production tubing and its associated down hole tools as well as perforating and stimulating as required. Sometimes, the process of running in and cementing the casing is also included. After a well has been drilled, should the drilling fluids be removed, the well would eventually close in upon itself.

Well Completion Design - Jonathan Bellarby

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PDF | On Feb 11, , Abdullah Taha and others published Introduction to Smart Oil and Gas Wells: Drilling, Completion and Monitoring.

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