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sap mm questions and answers pdf

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By Practicing these interview questions, you can easily crack any Exams interview.

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SAP MM Interview Questions and Answers

What is the difference between a Purchase Requisition and a Purchase Order? What are different Info Records types? What is a consignment Stock? What is Sub-Contracting cycle in MM? What is meant by Scales in MM?

Ads by Google List of top 50 sap mm interview questions and answers. What is the difference between a Purchase Requisition and a. PR can be generated by department. A PO is a document sent to vendor by purchaser which is an official request of. POs are generally binding on purchaser, though it.

Top 21 SAP MM Interview Questions & Answers

By utilizing MT , one step transfers of materials can be posted. The other different transport scenarios vary in the MTs by the good receipt and good Issues. A Purchase Requisition is a type of document which notifies the need for services or materials, whereas a Purchase Order is a document type which is a more formal request for materials or services from a plant or an outside vendor. Procurement types can also be defined at the line item and can be either subcontracting, stock transfer, standard, consignment or an external service. In the MM module, the Pricing procedure is a channel for determining the prices in purchasing documents. This give us functionality for assigning different calculation types for various needs. The total value of material is based on all the addition and subtraction such as surcharge, discount, tax, freight, etc.

Top 21 SAP MM Interview Questions & Answers. Details: Last Updated: 21 February Download PDF. 1) Explain what is SAP MM? SAP MM (Material.

MM (Materials Management) Interview Questions

Post a comment. What may planned orders be converted to and how is that conversion accomplished? Planned orders are always created when the system creates an internal procurement proposal.

There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. Can you elaborate on SAP and how it is useful in Industries? Explain in detail the order of purchase? What are the important criteria in purchasing?


The MM module contains master data, system configuration and transactions to complete the procure to pay process. Determine requirements Source determination Vendor Selection Order Processing Order follow up Goods receipts and Inventory management Invoice Verification 3 Mention what are the types of special stock available? The types of special stock available are subcontracting, consignment, project, pipeline, sales order, stock transfer, returnable packaging with customer, etc. The critical fields in purchasing view are Base unit of measure Order unit Purchasing group Material group Valid from Tax indicator for material Manufacturer part number Manufacturer, etc. A batch tells about a quantity of a particular product, which is processed or produced at the same time with the same parameters. The materials produced in such batch have the same values and characteristics. While, the batch record gives the information about a particular batch product and helpful in knowing whether the product has gone through GMP Good Manufacturing Process.

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Dear readers, these SAP-MM Interview Questions have been designed especially and later they continue based on further discussion and what you answer.

SAP MM Certification Questions, Answers, and Explanations

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1. What is SAP MM? Answer: SAP MM (Material Management) is an operative module in SAP that deals with appropriation administration and material.

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Top 50 sap mm interview questions and answers for experienced pdf. It gathers you through the experience of our senior faculty, actual application and.

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SAP MM Certification Questions, Answers, and Explanations 1. Motivation Introduction The SAP Guru has Spoken! Part I: Conceptual Questions

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SAP training was available in India for a decade.

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