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The document provides an introduction into the topic, an overview on products and founded explanations regarding design and function of electric AUMA actuators. On the rear pages of this brochure, you will find a a chapter with detailed technical data for swift product selection. For device selection, further information can be obtained from our separate specific data sheets. It will be our pleasure to assist you and provide any further details

Automation in Oil and Gas Industry

As a result of project cancellation followed by the fall in crude oil prices from […]. Collaborative operations between automation and IT companies provide the best customer service experience. This increased the dependence of oil companies on automation in order to complete processes without any delay. Initiatives to digitize oil fields are being implemented, and this has led to investing in instrumentation in order to increase productivity and complete projects within defined budgets and timelines. These initiatives have been found to be extremely beneficial, especially in offshore rigs, to gathering production data in a timely manner. However, the current industry challenge is not the inaccessibility of data, but rather how to make the large volume of gathered data more effective. In response to this challenge, the automation sector has evolved from supplying hardware equipment with aftermarket services to becoming more service-based and offering software tools that can translate huge volumes of data into meaningful, intelligent information that can be leveraged to make important business decisions.

Gromakov, E. Currently, an obvious trend in the development of automated production control systems in the oil and gas industry industry is the introduction of digitalization of technological processes and production within the framework of the new industrial revolution Industry 4. The article analyzes the possible ways of digital cyberphysical transformation of automated process control systems for the oil and gas industry. Evolutionary development of automation systems in the production of industries can proceed within the framework of various roadmaps which depend on the degree of development of automation in production, as well as on financial support and strategic objectives of the management company. The initial levels of development of the current automation of various productions of industries differ significantly. Based on the features of the oil and gas industry, it is proposed to allocate two blocks of production, automation of which currently has an established level of development: the block of oil and gas production, preparation and transportation and the block of oil and gas processing and petrochemicals.


Across industries, CEOs are realizing the importance of agility in sustaining and growing their business. More than half acknowledge agility as the new currency of business and that growth relies on the ability to challenge and disrupt business norms. Despite this realization, just under half of global CIOs feel their organizations are better than competitors at responding to changes in the business environment. We see a similar perspective from CIOs regarding time to market for new products and services, indicating a lag in building agility into the fabric of the enterprise and IT. As global geopolitical activities drive uncertainty and volatility in commodity prices, oil and gas CIOs continue to be seen as critical to enabling the business to deliver at potentially depressed prices with ongoing reductions to IT cost.

Automation solutions for oil and gas facilities

It is a high-availability, Triple Modular Redundant TMR solution with end-to-end architecture that optimizes assets and operations and reduces costs. These proven and reliable systems perform critical applications globally, utilizing a flexible Safety Integrity Level SIL configurations, a qualified manufacturing and solution delivery processes. The Ethernet backbone of the Mark VIeS Safety Management System allows each segment of the system can be configured with different levels of redundancy. This flexibility meets the specific SIL requirements for each application reducing installation tasks and maintenance costs, enabling a better lifecycle management. Our Customization of level of redundancy to meet your safety and running reliability needs.

Unmatched Engineering and Industrial Software. Improve operations to new levels of efficiency, asset performance, and people productivity. Real-time solutions for control at the edge of the network because not all control decisions can be made remotely. Smart devices with embedded communication transmit process and equipment data for improved field operations.

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Robot automation in oil and gas facilities: Indoor and onsite demonstrations

Chanana, P. The need for the petroleum industry to understand more about subsurface and surface operations has driven it to gather greater data volumes of various types at high frequency. However, searching relevant information from this data is quite complex and time consuming, complicating the decision making process. With emerging technologies, business processes are improving and the industry experts are able to design more intelligent, advanced and automated workflows.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Anisi and Johan Gunnar and T. Lillehagen and C. Given the importance and focus of the oil and gas industry related to safety, environmental impact, cost efficiency and increased production, the potential for more extensive use of automation in general, and robotic technology in particular, is evident.

Digitalization has touched every industrial sector with AI, machine learning and Automation technologies. Oil and gas industry is also gaining benefits of automation. Automation is increasing accelerated processes and safe work environments.

Where Automation Connects As the demand and cost of energy rises, energy companies are investing billions in exploration and production to meet the world's needs. Automation technologies play a key role in making oil and gas extraction economical. ProSoft Technology is a U.

ANDRITZ helps oil and gas facilities around the world bridge the gap between concept and production to achieve operational readiness - quickly, safely, reliably, and ahead of the curve. The control system in a modern industrial facility touches every piece of equipment and instrument in the plant, similar to the way the nervous system touches every muscle and receptor in the body. In short, the control of the plant can mean the difference between profit and loss. These disciplines typically account for a small portion of the total project budget - but their importance to the operation of a plant is paramount. We structure our scope of supply to fit commercial needs, from engineering to engineering and equipment supply, to engineering, procurement, and construction.

EcoStruxure™ for O&G and Petrochemicals


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