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simple interest and compound interest formula pdf

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Interest may be defined as the charge for using the borrowed money. It is an expense for the person who borrows money and income for the person who lends money. Interest is charged on principal amount at a certain rate for a certain period.

In this article we are sharing Simple interest and Compound interest shortcut tricks pdf. These short tricks do not use any formula and give you the answer within 5 to 10 seconds. We provide solution for the Simple Interest and Compound Interest Shortcut Tricks shortcut tricks for faster mathematical calculation.

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Skip to content. Connect the compound interest formula to repeated applications of simple interest using appropriate digital technologies ACMNA LO: To calculate compound interest. Know: What interest represents. How to calculate simple interest. What the main terms of interest represents, eg. Understand: That a quantity can grow by a set amount over a set period of time and that compound interest reinvests the interest amount gained at the end of each year for the following year.

8 Simple and Compound Interest

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A sum of money lent out at simple interest amounts to Rs. after 2 years and to Formulas. Case 1. When interest is not Compound y. Amount after 't' years A.

8 Simple and Compound Interest

Click here to download compound interest worksheet with answer key. I Saha. Secret to solving Quantitative Aptitude in the fastest way!

It deals with the money matters. By the end of it, we shall be familiar with the basic formulas used for the calculation of simple and compound interest and their practical applications. Simple interest Tricks By Rajat Rajput.

Worksheet on Compound Interest. In worksheet on compound interest we will solve different types of questions where compound interest is calculated annually, where compound interest is calculated half-yearly and where compound interest is calculated quarterly by using formulas. Compound interest is the interest you earn on interest. Interest and Bank Accounts.

8 Simple and Compound Interest

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Interest. TEXT. Contents. Section. Simple Interest. Compound Interest. Compound Interest Formula. Savings: Annual Equivalent Rate (AER).

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