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breif and short notes and calculated examples on portfolio analysis and revision pdf

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In portfolio management, the maximum emphasis is placed on portfolio analysis and selection which leads to the construction of the optimal portfolio. Portfolio revision is important as portfolio analysis and selection.

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Portfolio Revision - Meaning, its Need and Strategies

Investing in corporate securities is profitable as well as exciting. O ne should not forget the element of risks from investing in individual security. Risk arises when there is a possibility of variation around expected return from the security. As all securities carry varying degrees of risks, holding more than one security at a time enables an investor to spread his risks. The investor hopes that even if one security incurs a loss the rest will provide some protection from an extreme loss. Thus, portfolios or combination of securities are thought of as a device to spread risk over many securities. In olden days, the traditional portfolio managers diversified funds over securities of large number of companies based on intuition.

Stock market index

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Many new investors are eager to start building their portfolio, but what they may not realize is how important regular portfolio analysis will be to their success. It's harder to save and invest profitably if you aren't prudently overseeing your money. Analyzing your portfolio improves the odds of having enough growth to harvest the financial rewards you need. What's more, portfolio analysis can seem daunting until you get the hang of capital allocation. This basic introduction will better prepare you for the task of assessing your portfolio's health or, if you outsource that job to a professional, understanding what questions to ask about your investments.

Introduction to Portfolio Management, Portfolio Analysis. 6. Capital Asset Summary. Keywords. Self Assessment. Review Questions. Further.


Diversification involves avoiding too much exposure to a single asset or asset type. Diversifying the risks of a portfolio helps reduce downside risk without necessarily decreasing the expected rate of return. Portfolio risk is measured by the standard deviation of returns, and the correlations between different assets can lead to decreased overall risk when combined.

A combination of various investment products like bonds, shares, securities, mutual funds and so on is called a portfolio. A combination of various financial products where an individual invests his money is called a portfolio. The process of addition of more assets in an existing portfolio or changing the ratio of funds invested is called as portfolio revision. The sale and purchase of assets in an existing portfolio over a certain period of time to maximize returns and minimize risk is called as Portfolio revision. Active Revision Strategy involves frequent changes in an existing portfolio over a certain period of time for maximum returns and minimum risks.

Portfoilo management refers to the art of selecting the best investment plans for an individual concerned which guarantees maximum returns with minimum risks involved. Equity in a business corporation is represented through the ownership of shares. Establishes Flat yield curve: approximately It then becomes necessary to define properly investment and security analysis … Theintactone 25 May 1 Comment.

What Is a Portfolio?

Portfolio Management | History | Meaning | Steps involved

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