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The Return of the Goddess: Mythology, Witchcraft and Feminist Spirituality

Wiccan views of divinity are generally theistic , and revolve around a Goddess and a Horned God , thereby being generally dualistic. In traditional Wicca, as expressed in the writings of Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente , the emphasis is on the theme of divine gender polarity, and the God and Goddess are regarded as equal and opposite divine cosmic forces. In some newer forms of Wicca, such as feminist or Dianic Wicca , the Goddess is given primacy or even exclusivity. In some forms of traditional witchcraft that share a similar duotheistic theology, the Horned God is given precedence over the Goddess. Some Wiccans are polytheists , believing in many different deities taken from various Pagan pantheons, while others would believe that, in the words of Dion Fortune , "all the Goddesses are one Goddess, and all the Gods one God".

Access options available:. Genealogy of the Pagan Gods. Volume I: Books I—V. Translated by Jon Solomon. I Tatti Renaissance Library, Cambridge: Harvard UP, Edmund Spenser and John Milton read it in Latin.

Wicca Medicine. Precision medicine helps doctors select cancer treatments that are most likely to help patients based on a genetic understanding of their disease. Wicca as a religion was introduced by Gerald Gardner in the s. Druidcraft, Druidry and Wicca, are ways of empowerment and of freedom — not dogmatic religious systems, but new spiritualities, magical ones, that draw their inspiration from the ancient past, while offering ways of celebration and working that are constantly changing and evolving. The Medicine Wheel in all of its forms, has the power and the ability to connect you to infinity. Preventive Medicine Reports Volume. Pagana James D.

Lady Maeve Rhea - Summoning Forth Wiccan Gods and Goddesses.pdf

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Encyclopedia of Ancient Deities

Here is a list of some of the most common pagan Goddess names. I've been in Circles that have invoked each of this Wiccan Goddesses at one time or another, so I know they are actively used in Wiccan Goddess worship. Hecate - Greek Goddess of witchcraft and magick, crossroads, and the harvest moon Hestia - Greek Goddess of the hearth and domestic life Hel Norse Goddess daughter of Loki and the giantess Angrboda, Queen of the Dead Hera Roman Goddess of the Hearth, of women, and of marriage Inanna - Sumerian Goddess of sexual love, fertility, and warfare Isis Egyptian Mother Goddess, matron of nature and magick, Goddess of creativity and the underdog Ishtar - Mesopotamian Goddess of sexual love, fertility, and war Juno Roman Queen of the Gods and Goddess of matrimony. She is also the Goddess of Business Success. Compassionate Buddha of enlightened activity Tara, White - Buddhist Goddess known for compassion, long life, healing and serenity; also known as The Wish-fulfilling Wheel, or Cintachakra Tara, Red - fierceness, magnetizing all good things Tara, Black - power Tara, Yellow - wealth and prosperity.

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List of Wiccan Goddesses-Gods

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Wicca Medicine

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