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Field hockey

Show your love for hockey! Play the Hockey Quiz and stand a chance to win a Hockey Stick signed by the captain of the Indian men's hockey team and cash prize of Rs. Playing sports inculcates team spirit and develops strategic thinking, analytical thinking, leadership skills, goal setting and risk taking. A fit and healthy individual leads to an equally healthy society and strong nation. Practice makes a man perfect. Toggle navigation. Medal Tally rank state Total.


The objective of hockey is simple: score more goals than the opposing team. Players are not allowed to kick the puck into the net or purposely direct it in with any part of their body. During regulation time, each team uses five skaters—three forwards and two defencemen—plus a goaltender. National Hockey League games are contested over three minute periods. If the score is tied after 60 minutes, the game moves to a five-minute, sudden-death overtime where the first goal wins. There are four officials in NHL games—two referees and two linesmen. They stop play for penalties and for things like offside or icing.


The crossbar of a field hockey goal should be 2. The inner edges of the upright goalposts must be 3. This gives the goal entrance a total area of 7. Field hockey goals must also be at least 1.

It is called field hockey to distinguish it from the similar game played on ice. Hockey is believed to date from the earliest civilizations. The Arabs, Greeks, Persians, and Romans each had their own versions, and traces of a stick game played by the Aztec Indians of South America have been found.

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Hockey is one of the world's most ancient games. It is older than even the ancient Olympic Games. There are histories of people partaking in a hockey like commotion dating back years ago.

Field Hockey – History, Rules, Regulations and More Information

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Email address:. People in ancient Greece played a game with a horn and a ball, and there is a depiction available which dates back to c. The horn and the ball relate it with field hockey. In the depiction, two persons are in an encounter while others are looking. So researchers differ in their interpretation. When some interpret it as a team sport and some others, interpret it as an individual, one-on-one activity. Some researchers believe it as the ancestral game of lawn and field games like hockey and ground billiards.

Field hockey is a widely played team sport of the hockey family. The game can be played on grass, watered turf, artificial turf or synthetic field, as well as an indoor boarded surface. Each team plays with ten field players and a goalkeeper. Players use sticks made of wood, carbon fibre , fibre glass , or a combination of carbon fibre and fibre glass in different quantities, to hit a round, hard, plastic hockey ball. The length of the hockey stick is based on the player's individual height: the top of the stick usually comes to the players hip, and taller players typically have longer sticks.

Check out all the rules and regulations about the game, tournament, modifications and much more on Official Hockey India Website.

Field hockey

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Happy Valley Hockey (English Edition)

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