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magnetic field questions and answers pdf

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electricity and magnetism multiple choice questions with answers pdf

A magnet is a material that has two poles namely a north pole and a south pole. A magnetic field is a phenomenon that is found in the area around a magnet or an electric current that creates a magnetic force on the object placed near it. Image to be added soon. Magnetic field visually lines represent a magnetic field. A magnetic field possesses both magnitude and direction.

The effect of the magnetic field is always maximum near the magnet and it decreases as the distance increases. A compass needle also acts as a bar magnet.

The shape of the magnetic field around a current-carrying straight wire is in the form of concentric circles. The direction of the magnetic field around a current carrying-conductor is detected with the help of right-hand thumb rule.

If a straight wire is bent into a circle, the direction of the magnetic field of the circular wire can be found at each part of the wire with the application of right-hand thumb rule.

The shape of the magnetic field lines is in the form of straight lines towards the centre of the circular current-carrying wire due to decrease in strength.

A solenoid is a cylindrical shaped coil of wire whose one end acts as a magnetic north pole and the other end acts as a magnetic south pole similar to that of a bar magnet and the magnetic field is uniform inside it. An electromagnet can be made when a piece of magnetic material is placed inside the solenoid.

The direction of the force is found out with the application of Fleming's left-hand rule where the thumb represents the direction of the force and the index finger and middle finger represents the magnetic field and current respectively. The three fingers are perpendicular to each other. The electrical energy can be converted into mechanical energy with the help of an electric motor.

The presence of the electric current in a circuit is detected with the help of a galvanometer. When a magnet is moved near an electric coil attached to a galvanometer, it produces a potential difference that creates an induced current in the coil. This process is called electromagnetic induction.

The direction of the induced current can be found out with the application of Fleming's right-hand rule. The device in which mechanical energy is used to rotate a conductor inside a magnetic field to produce electric current is called an electric generator. The electric current is of two types - Direct current and Alternating current. When the electric current alters direction at equal intervals, it is called alternating current.

The device that produces alternating current is called an AC generator. When the electric current does not change direction with time, it is called direct current. The device that produces direct current is called a DC generator. An electric fuse stops the flow of high electric current during overloading or short-circuiting occurs in our home. The students are advised to refer to the above-given summary before attempting the important questions for class 10 science chapter The students can download the Vedantu app on mobile and tablets also to access the PDF of chapter 13 science class 10 important questions.

Apart from the NCERT question, the students must have a look at the class 10 science chapter 13 extra questions provided by Vedantu to hone their knowledge regarding the magnetic effects of electric current.

magnetic field questions and answers pdf

Multiple choice questions. A bar magnet is divided in two pieces. None 3. A comprehensive general knowledge test for class Housecroft and E. Which of the following statements is true? Two new bar magnets are created.

Write the appropriate term in the blanks. With whom should I pair up? A magnetic needle. Group 'A' Group 'B' a Compass 4. A magnetic needle b Door of a cupboard 3. The highest magnetic force.

Tesla is a unit of a field strength b inductance c flux density d flux Ans: c. A permeable substance is one a which is a good conductor 6 which is a bad conductor c which is a strong magnet d through which the magnetic lines of force can pass very easily Ans: d. The materials having low retentivity are suitable for making a weak magnets b temporary magnets c permanent magnets d none of the above Ans: b. A magnetic field exists around a iron b copper c aluminium d moving charges Ans: d. Ferrites are materials. The direction of magnetic lines of force is a from south pole to north pole b from north pole to south pole c from one end of the magnet to another d none of the above Ans: b. Which of the following is a vector quantity?

Part I. (4) The magnetic field We hope the given NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 12 Physics Chapter 6 Electromagnetic Induction with Answers Pdf free.

300+ TOP MAGNETISM & ELECTROMAGNETISM Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

You will note from the diagram that, the magnetic field starts from the North Pole and enter into the South Pole. State the direction of magnetic field in the following case. A student is asked to find the magnetic field pattern of a permanent bar magnet.

Dear Readers, Welcome to Magnetism and Electromagnetism Objective Questions have been designed specially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your Job interview for the subject of Magnetism and Electromagnetism MCQs. Electricity and Magnetism Content Areas: 1. Which of the following materials has permeability slightly less than that of free space? To get started finding Electricity And Magnetism Exams Questions Answers , you are right to find our website which has a comprehensive collection of manuals listed. Electricity is the flow of charge and is predominantly sourced from hydro and fossil fuel sources.

A magnet is a material that has two poles namely a north pole and a south pole. A magnetic field is a phenomenon that is found in the area around a magnet or an electric current that creates a magnetic force on the object placed near it.

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Important Questions for CBSE Class 10 Science Chapter 13 - Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

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Overview. • What Produces Magnetic Field. • The Definition of B. Force on a moving Charge. • Crossed Fields: Discovery of the Electron. • A Charged Particle​.

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