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problems of vocational and technical education in nigeria pdf

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Awonuga O. The issue of unemployment in Nigeria is one of the most critical problems the country is facing today. This has been a major problem to researchers, analysts and economists as the figure increasingly suggests dwindling potentials.

Prospects and Problems of Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria

The challenge of unemployment, job creation and skills development and training in order for jobs to become a reality for more people is likely to become accentuated. Considering the era when the forces of economy are highly fluctuating and are becoming unstable. Technical and Vocational Education and Training TVET appeared as one of the major counter balance force that will transform the economy, by creating skilled work force that could operate independently in the labour market. Based on that, this paper discussed the role TVET plays toward creating sustainable jobs for our teeming unemployed and underemployed youth in Nigeria. The paper finally recommended that, to reduce the burden of unemployment and poverty on the youths, the government should improve funding in this critical sector and increase access to technical and vocational education for the ever-growing youths. Home Journals Conferences Books About us.

Nigeria is presently going through a period of economic recession and this has made the chances of securing white collar jobs all the more slimmer. There has never been a better time to reiterate the importance of vocational and technical education in our national history. Most people wrongfully categorize vocational and technical education as one and the same. Though they are similar, they are in fact distinct. In order for us to get a clear picture, we will begin by clearly defining both concepts. From the definition, vocational education can either be formal or informal, and can be in any field of human endeavour. It is mainly focused on the acquisition of manual skills.

vocational education and national development in nigeria

These and many more are the dreams of many parents. Most parents see vocational education as secondary and not important. They just want academic success for their children — but is that really the best? Does this help your child? Does this make your child fulfilled? What will society look like if we have only white-collar jobs?

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Technical and Vocational Education in Nigeria: Issues, Challenges and a Way Forward

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Technical education, as enshrined in the Nigerian national policy on education, is concerned with qualitative technological human resources development directed towards a national pool of skilled and self reliant craftsmen, technicians and technologists in technical and vocational education fields.

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Vocational Technical Education is a sine qua non to any nation who wishes to be self-reliant, self-sufficient and industrialized, therefore any identifiable problem to its progress needs greater attention. In most countries of the world vocational technical education has been given a pride of place, because of the realization of its importance in the economic growth and well being of any Nation. For any nation to be self reliant and self sufficient its educational programmes must have been properly planned and necessary facilities provided to enable the attainment of programmes goals. The current issues of concern in vocational technical education in Nigeria particularly in Enugu state college of education technical is the standard of the institution.

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The challenges of vocational and technical education are quite enormous. CHALLENGES. Technical and vocational education cannot contribute greatly to the.

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Request PDF | Current Issues on Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria | Vocational and Technical Education (VTE) is education.

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Challenges of Technical and Vocational Education and Training in. Nigerian History. Makerere Journal of Higher Education, 11 (1),

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European Journal of Foreign Language Teaching.

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This paper discusses the capability of vocational education in creating jobs to reduce unemployment among the Nigerian youths which will result in sustainable economic development of Nigeria.

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