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E — Z configuration , or the E — Z convention , is the IUPAC preferred method of describing the absolute stereochemistry of double bonds in organic chemistry. It is an extension of cis — trans isomer notation which only describes relative stereochemistry that can be used to describe double bonds having two, three or four substituents. Following the Cahn—Ingold—Prelog priority rules CIP rules , each substituent on a double bond is assigned a priority, then positions of the higher of the two substituents on each carbon are compared to each other. The letters E and Z are conventionally printed in italic type , within parentheses , and separated from the rest of the name with a hyphen.

E and Z Notation For Alkenes (+ Cis/Trans)

Illustrated Glossary of Organic Chemistry. Relative configuration : The position of atoms or groups in space in relation to i. Compare with absolute configuration , which is independent of atoms or groups elsewhere in the molecule. Relative to the position of the methyl group , the chlorine atom is on the same face of the cyclohexane ring. The stereocenter bearing the chlorine atom has an R absolute configuration this configuration does not involve or depend on positions elsewhere in the molecule. Hence this molecule is cis chloro methyl cyclohexane or 1 R , 2 S chloro methyl cyclohexane. The groups with highest Cahn-Ingold-Prelog priority are on the same face of the alkene , so this is also Z pentene.

E-Z system

In the previous post, we talked about the cis and trans designation of alkenes. The cis and trans approach works only if two identical groups are connected to the double bond. We cannot classify these as cis or trans because none of the two groups on the double bond are identical. However, there should be a way of distinguishing them since they are not identical. So, how is the E and Z configuration of a double bond determined? Here is the principle; you need to look at each carbon of the double bond separately.

AdiChemistry Home. The isomerism which arises due to different spatial arrangements of atoms or groups is called stereo isomerism. It is broadly divided into:. The stereo isomers have same structural formula i. However the atoms or groups are arranged differently in space. The geometrical isomerism arises when atoms or groups are arranged differently in space due to restricted rotation of a bond or bonds in a molecule. In the cis isomer, the two methyl groups are arranged on the same side of a double bond.

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are accepted when appropriate, but E and Z work for all asymmetrical alkenes. ▫ Assigning Relative Configuration: E vs. Z o For each sp2 carbon in the alkene.

7.7: Sequence Rules - The E,Z Designation

At first you might say cis, because it appears that two ethyl groups appear on the same side of the double bond. However, the correct answer is trans. The rule is that the designation cis or trans must correspond to the configuration of the longest carbon chain.

These two molecules have different physical properties — different boiling points, melting points, reactivities, spectral characteristics and so on.

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