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According to Small Business Administration research , only half of new businesses survive for the first five years and only one-third of new businesses are able to survive for 10 years. Forbes reports an even more grim statistic , based on Bloomberg research, that of every 10 businesses, eight fail within the first 18 months. Your business can fail if you exhibit poor management skills, which can be evident in many forms. Perhaps your leadership team is not in agreement on how the business should be run. When problems requiring strong leadership occur, you may be reluctant to take charge and resolve the issues while your business continues to slip toward failure.

10 Major Causes of Business Failure with Possible Solutions

This research work is on causes of business failure and possible solutions with a case study of Faith printing press, Uyo. It is in view of this that a research work as this was undertaken. The research work contains five chapters, the introduction examines the historical background of the case study and so on and also limitations of the projects were outlined.

Population sample and sources of data collocation were the various methods of data collection adopted. The data collected were analyzed and presented based on the research questions, which form the views and opinions of the respondents drawn.

In the final chapter, summaries and recommendations were made on the subject matter. Reasons for Business Failure - References -. This is because it involves a lot of technicalities ranging from the task of planning to control of such plans in order to achieve the desire objectives of profit maximization. It is in view of this, that this study is mainly centered on the floating of a business to a stage where it finds it difficult to keep its head above water.

In the late 70s business was in its period of boom, the economy was doing well at that point in time and the exchange. International trade was easy as a result of lesser trade restrictions and foreign exchange control.

During this period, Faith printing press was a beneficiary of the prevailing policies such as the importation of papers and other printing materials. These goods were usually tax free. In the late 80s as a result of the military take-over, various decrees and policies came into place. The economy became unbearable for the citizens and their purchasing power became very low, thereby forcing business not to live up to their required billing. What followed was that industries started operating on short run, and later businesses started folding up.

The various trade restrictions, VAT policies on goods imported did not help matters. The result effect of all these, was folding up of businesses. Against the business affected was then within our locality the -Faith printing press. The concerns shown people in the locality spearheaded an agenda to resuscitate the company and prevent it from total collapse. The process of doing this proved difficult due to the extent of funds require to source for foreign exchange needed for the importation of raw materials there were other problems that seem intractable.

But the people and company unite make persistence efforts to resuscitate the company but the more difficult problems that resulted, Motivated an interest to study the problems of business failure and the possible solutions. It is own by Chief Gabriel O. It was established on 20 th August and was situated at V. Faith printing press was set-up with the objective of providing the best quality printing jobs to customers at affordable prices and at the due appointed time.

At the early life of the press, it started with letterpress and binding machine. Namely: Cutting Machines. In the course of expansion, the press relocated to N. The press increased its machineries by purchasing Rota prints, plate maker, camera, and kond. During this period the press has increased its area of specialization from letter press to offset printing.

In , the press moved to J. This organization is engaged in the publishing of companies Annual reports, text-books, invoices, Receipts calendars, invitation cards, Business cards e. Faith printing press is an organization worthy to be emulated, Judging by its achievement. Below is a sample of what Faith printing press Organizational chart should look like. Every means available at their disposal are being made available terms of capital base sophisticated equipments etc so as to meet-business demands and sustain the completive market environment.

How ever inspite of these tremendous effort businesses are still failing and these are owing to various factors that pose myriads of problems. That inefficient management of resource could lead to business failure in Faith printing press.

To examine the implications of government economic policies on the survival or failure of Faith printing press. To find out and how to avoid business collapse with reference to Faith printing press. It will also point out possible solutions to business failure with reference to Faith printing press, Uyo. It will be also investigate some important factors to be considered before setting up a business and those that will be implemented in the course of business. Finally, the study will be useful to the management of Faith printing press, Uyo as it will help in tackling the problems militating against the operations of the company.

The study is concerned in the first place with the. The selected firm is a small printing press, it however engages in different types of activities ranging from supplies, printing contacts and binding. The limitations of this study are many, though not unfamiliar, as every project work deals with such limits, it includes the following:i.

The time limit for the submission of this project will not be sufficient. Despite these difficulties it is the hope of the researcher. Such terms includes the following:a. This is a process where a company can no longer Maximize profit and is being forced to wind up. These are the cost incurred as a result of involvement in production of goods and services. The problem of business failure is so prevalent in all parts of the country.

Businesses are set up in order to expand and provide essential services to every member of the society but this contrary to its objectives more and more businesses are winding up. When financial institutions which are supposed to be reviewing business are victims of the same problem. In a report by J. C Anyanwu in the Business times title Averting Bank failure in the s the author diagnosed the cause of failures as the general economic climate in which banks operates.

For instance rapid inflation, high interest rate and high variability in the rate of growth of the money supply are very difficult conditions in which to run a bank- Unfortunately, the conditions are glaringly prevalent in the present Nigeria situation. Freeser J. Lying behind these is failure to plan for planning and failure, to control the consequence of the plans environmental factors may be significant but only to the extent that they are beyond the ability of the competent manager to predict and control.

Allsopp M. J pg also reported that in Eight instances that companies losses were attributed to their directors. Estimate made in average debt of 60 compared to. It is significant that bad debt is suffered to a great extent by small company both in U.

A and U. Ogun Toyinbo. O pg 19 An article published in the daily times, examined and diagnosed other causes of business failures as interest discount income and credit related free income, from substantial part of a banks income. Many authors have defined business based on their purpose at a given time. The writer will therefore, examine the various definitions as given by different authors.

According to oxford advance learners dictionary of current English A. Horn by, business is defined as buying and selling, commerce, trade shop, commercial enterprises etc. Also company and Allied matters Decree of defines it as any trade, industry and profession and any other occupation carried on for profit. Having examine the above definition, one can see that all the definition are centered in carrying on trade with a view of making some profit.

Business can therefore, be define as any activity carried on which produces and distribute goods and render services for the. They are very small business organizations and are under the ownership and control of one person. Here one person takes the responsibility of providing the finance, making the operating decisions, taking the risks and benefiting from the profits and losses 1b.

Olokoyo pg 13 in his books managing your small scale enterprises successfully-defines partnership as a form of. Partnership can be defined as an association of 2 or more people formed for the purpose of running a business with a view to profit.

Often individuals do not wish to operate in business in their own but prefer to do so in conjunction with an agreement to share. The formation of this type of organization needs between members. The partnership is also subject to few legal requirements other than the contract between the partners. Other legal requirements include the following:a. All partners except in special cases are subject to unlimited liability for all debts and obligations of the business.

There are two types of this form, namely: a The private company b The public company. This form of organization is very popular in the retail, whole sale trade and in those sections of manufacturing industry in which only moderately amount of capital are required. Lipsey R. G et al pg Economic defines public company as a business enterprise set up with no limit in the number of members and a minimum number of seven.

The public company is the major instruments responsible for the high rate of economic growth in most industrial countries. The formation of joint stock company involves more legal constraints than the other two forms of business in organizations. Its formation involves the production of three documents:a. Share capital. It must be signed by at least two persons in the case of a private and at least seven people in the case of a public company.

Except in the event of bankruptcy or a decision to wind up the joint-stock company has no weakness of impermanence as in the other two forms of business. The principle of limited liability is of great importance.

It means that the shareholder is liable only up to the amount stated on the face value of the shares. Henri Fayol considered to be the father of management stipulated the following functions of management. It includes establishing a structural relationship of Responsibilities and authority between and within the component units. All personnel officers keep data relating to staff and their performances at work.

It is a means of stating possible salaries to be paid workers within a given period and therefore earning at a total cost of staff remunerations to ease decision on how many new staff could be taken on board in relation to output. This functions are performed by the top level management of the organization.

Generally operative duties of the personnel office are performed by junior and middle level office of the personnel office working under the supervision of more serious personnel officers.

How to Overcome Business Failure

This research work is on causes of business failure and possible solutions with a case study of Faith printing press, Uyo. It is in view of this that a research work as this was undertaken. The research work contains five chapters, the introduction examines the historical background of the case study and so on and also limitations of the projects were outlined. Population sample and sources of data collocation were the various methods of data collection adopted. The data collected were analyzed and presented based on the research questions, which form the views and opinions of the respondents drawn. In the final chapter, summaries and recommendations were made on the subject matter.

View all News View all Guides. In this article, management accountant Kirsty Fitzgerald outlines the five bad practices to avoid if you wish to give your business a fighting chance of success. Indeed, even a profitable business can fall victim to a crippling cash flow crisis, which is often caused by the ineffective management of debtors, high stock levels, bad debt and late invoicing. Inadequate financing — or selecting the wrong type of funding for your business — can also put it on the path to failure. Any business owner needs to be aware of their financials and cash position at any given time. The accurate forecasting of income and costs may lead to a few surprises, but it will ultimately help support your cash flow. Business owners should also understand and control their costs — acknowledging risks and opportunities — which should help minimise any nasty surprises.

Are you planning on starting your own business? Then, you should know that certain risks come with the business territory. One of those risks is the high possibility of failure. Therefore, you must learn how to overcome business failure. Have the right precautions set up in case of the worst-case scenarios.

Ten Common Causes of Business Failure

I will be putting you through on the major causes of business failures and how you can avoid them. Owning a business can be rewarding and at the same time very stressful and risky. There are certain factors that can cause business failure but lack of proper research for a profitable market before venturing is one of the main causes of business failure.

6 Reasons Your Small Business Will Fail (And How to Avoid Them)

With over four decades of experience published author with a number of publications on Amazon working alongside entrepreneurs and leaders with ailing and under-performing businesses to help them to turnaround and grow, As a strategic advisor, I have learnt more than what I chipped in for these companies. The factors vary from business to business and the industry to industry. The single biggest cause of business failure is a lack of sales , but today I will leave this out because this subject deserves the whole article to its self for another day.

Five Common Causes of Business Failure

Small Business Administration. Learn how to avoid the most common pitfalls in strategic planning here. Running an organization is no easy task.

Having a ride on the entrepreneurial roller coaster can be a tricky thing. While thriving on profit-making opportunities, business owners often fail to cope with new challenges. As a result, they find themselves at sixes and sevens and this is why businesses fail woefully. By identifying the main reasons for which most businesses fail, it would be easier to avoid them proactively. And for your convenience, effective solutions to those complications are also lined up that no one is going to tell you before you actually get into dire straits. Eventually, the overall aesthetics of the business gets affected due to bad management. Management of a business encompasses several activities: planning, organizing, operating, directing and communicating.

Outline of Major Causes of Business Failure. Not Seeking Professional Advice. Lack of Good Customer Care. Copying Others. Lack of Experience. Unaccountability. Lack of Personal Growth. Poor Location. Lack of Focus.

18 Reasons Why Businesses Fail and Effective Solutions (Infographic)

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The 4 Most Common Reasons a Small Business Fails

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