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fifa world cup quiz questions and answers pdf

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Robbie Williams made waves by flipping the finger during the opening ceremony. What was the first song of his set? Rock DJ. Let Me Entertain You The tournament certainly lived up to challenge.

Welcome to our World Cup Quiz page

Brazil has the most number of World Cup titles to its credit. How many times has it won the World Cup so far? To which country does the famous player Ronaldo, who held the record for most number of World Cup goals, belong? Who of the following won the World Cup both as the captain and manager of his country's team? Thibaut Courtois who was awarded the Golden Glove award for the best goalkeeper at the World Cup is from which country? From which confederation did the most number of teams qualify for the World Cup final 32?

Learn about world cup football trivia through our quiz question answers Russia won the hosting rights earlier on 2 December The first championship was held in in Uruguay and the host nation Uruguay became the champion. When the first qualifying game for World Cup took place? How many teams has been qualified for Fifa World Cup ?

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World Cup 2018 Quiz

FIFA is the highest governing body of football and all its variations. Test your knowledge of the main football association in the world. For each question choose one of the multiple answers then click done to check your results. Start Share download. FIFA quiz includes 10 fun questions with answers related to the topic. Test yourself Found a mistake?

Welcome to our World Cup Quiz page. Football Quizzes. World Cup Quiz Questions and Answers. Quiz I. Name the the first nation to win the new FIFA World.

50 World Cup Football Soccer Questions Quiz Stats

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World Cup Quiz Questions

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Take our free FIFA World Cup trivia quizzes in the sports category. Over trivia questions to answer. Play our FIFA World Cup quiz games now! How much​.

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