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Compile is a software program that transfer program developed in high level language intoexecutable object code.

Who developed C language? C language was developed by Dennis Ritchie in at Bell Laboratories.

Dear readers, these C Programming Interview Questions have been designed specially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your interview for the subject of C Programming. It de-refers twice to point to the data held by the designated pointer variable. By default every local variable of the function is automatic auto.

C++ Lab Viva-Practical Exams Questions and Answers - 1

Viva Questions Answers - Computer Networking. Viva questions in clippers and clampers. Interview Question Answers based on Microcontroller. What is Electronic? The study and use of electrical devices that operate by controlling the flow of electrons or other electrically charged particles. What is communication? Communication means transferring a signal from the transmitter which passes through a medium then the output is obtained at the receiver.

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Mechanical Engineering 1. MCQ Practice Tests. Timed Mock Tests. Online Quizzes. Technical Terms. Mechanical Projects. Engineering Notes.

Thanks, Please share me all to prepare. An op-amp has a single output and a very high gain, which means that … An op-amp has a differential input. Download link Basic Electronics Questions and Answers. Answer: Modulation is the An integrated circuit IC , also called a microchip, is an electronic circuit etched onto a silicon chip.

C Language LAB VIVA Questions: · 1. Who developed C language? · 2. Which type of language is C? · 3. What is a compiler? · 4. What is IDE? · 5. What is a.

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There are actually two ways you can do this. Likewise, the statement "x --" means to decrement the value of x by 1. When using Call by Value, you are sending the value of a variable as parameter to a function, whereas Call by Reference sends the address of the variable. Also, under Call by Value, the value in the parameter is not affected by whatever operation that takes place, while in the case of Call by Reference, values can be affected by the process within the function. How does this aid in debugging?

It encourages the reuse of proven and debugged high quality software, thus reducing problem after a system becomes functional. Const — This variable means that if the memory is initialized once, it should not be altered by a program. Volatile — This variable means that the value in the memory location can be altered even though nothing in the program code modifies the contents.

C Language Viva Questions

Embedded Lab Viva Questions And Answers

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C Programming Interview Questions

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