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portal method and cantilever method pdf

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Cantilever method

Introduction: A portal frame is often used in a structure to transfer the laterally directed loads applied along the sides, to the supports at the base of the frame. This results in many portal frames being statically indeterminate externally fixed supports for several columns at the bases ;because of the frames ability to support horizontal loading, this type of frame is commonly used in structures like buildings, factories, and bridges. A Steel Frame. The approximate analysis of portal frames can be investigated through the portal method. Before the analysis, there are necessary assumptions to be made:.

Portal Method

The cantilever method is very similar to the portal method. We still put hinges at the middles of the beams and columns. The only difference is that for the cantilever method, instead of finding the shears in the columns first using an assumption, we will find the axial force in the columns using an assumption. The assumption that is used to find the column axial force is that the entire frame will deform laterally like a single vertical cantilever. When a cantilever deforms laterally, it has a strain profile through its thickness where one face of the cantilever is in tension and the opposite face is in compression, as shown in the top right of the figure.

Portal Method of Analysis for Lateral Loads

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Portal Method

Cantilever Method Frame Analysis Pdf

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The cantilever method is an approximate method for calculating shear forces and moments developed in beams and columns of a frame or structure due to lateral loads. The applied lateral loads typically include wind loads and earthquake loads, which must be taken into consideration while designing buildings. The assumptions used in this method are that the points of contraflexure or points of inflection of the moment diagram in both the vertical and horizontal members are located at the midpoint of the member, and that the direct stresses in the columns are proportional to their distances from the centroidal axis of the frame. The method is quite versatile and can be used to analyse frames of any number of storeys or floors. The position of the centroidal axis the center of gravity line for the frame is determined by using the areas of the end columns and interior columns.


Bearing wall systems B. Building frame systems C. Moment resisting frame systems D. Ordinary shear-wall frame interactive systems G. Cantilever column systems.

Structural requirements usually necessitate the use of statically indeterminate layout for Portal frames, and Approximate solutions are often used in their analyses. Link to this page:. Therefore to obtain an Approximate solution of the structure based on statics only, it will be necessary to make n additional independent assumptions. A solution based on statics will not be possible by making fewer than n assumptions, while more than n assumptions will not in general be consistent. Thus, the first step in the Approximate Analysis of structures is to find its degree of statical indeterminacy dosi and then to make appropriate number of assumptions. For example, the dosi of Portal frames shown in i , ii , iii and iv are 1, 3, 2 and 1 respectively.

Approximate Lateral Load Analysis by Portal Method

Link of portal method page is given below. Pages related to portal method are also listed. Last Updated: 1st March, 22 Follow these easy steps: Step 1. Go to Portal Method page via official link below.

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