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daniels 4 kingdoms and a stone cut out without human hands pdf

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Most and for private theological study. Date of composition : Many today think Daniel was written rather late, in the sercond century B.

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“A Kingdom, Which Shall Never Be Destroyed.” Daniel 2

Review Archives For two and a half years I had been writing a novel. The book consumed me, controlling my life outside the pages more than I controlled the lives I had created on them. The novel was my god. After hours of divine-human wrestling, knowing nothing about salvation, nothing about the three angels of Revelation 14, and nothing about myself as a sinner, I took the manuscript—two and a half years of my existence—and burned it on a small hotplate. That night in Gainesville, Florida, just after sunset, I became a born-again believer in Jesus.

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Throughout the vast span of human history innumerable kingdoms have risen and nearly all of them have fallen into the dust until now they only exist as remnants of scattered memories. These kingdoms are much like the human life—they are born, they grow and develop, they reach their maturity with a show of great might and splendor, and then they decay only to be replaced by another maturing kingdom. As we study the fate of various mighty kingdoms, through the lens of Daniel 2, we will focus on two main themes: the sovereignty of God as the greatest and last ruler of The Kingdom which will fill the entire earth and the powerful impact one faithful and courageous individual can have in the face of great opposition. Undoubtedly, Babylon was one of the mightiest kingdoms in the world of its day c. In the course of several decades, beginning around BC, the Babylonians steadily grew in strength, though they were ruled by the powerful Assyrian empire located about two hundred miles to the north. By the turn of the century BC the Babylonians had reached full maturity, brought Assyria to its knees and claimed the throne of imperial domination for themselves.

Daniel in the Lions' Den is a favorite Bible story for children. In addition, the captivating prophecy, imagery, and symbolism make the Book of Daniel one of the most read of Hebrew Scripture, our Old Testament of the Bible. The prophet Ezekiel, who wrote his prophecy in Babylon about the same time, mentioned three Biblical figures in a row as men of righteousness, Noah, Daniel, and Job Ezekiel and Jesus Christ referred to Daniel the Prophet Matthew Themes in the Book of Daniel include heroism, remaining true to God in the midst of an adverse and idolatrous culture, and God's protection of his faithful ones through his Angels. Chapters refer to the trials of Daniel and his three young companions, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, during the time of the great Kings of the East. Their names, all of which reflect the name of God, are changed to names referring to Babylonian idols.

Man's kingdoms of self-rule will be replaced by a literal, earthly Kingdom of God. key verse emphasizing the sovereign rule of God is Daniel b. Daniel b people—Daniel b through Daniel —is in the Aramaic language; the language of the A stone cut out of the mountain without hands.


A kingdom which shall never be destroyed - The extensive and extending empire of Christ. Shall not be left to other people - All the preceding empires have swallowed up each other successively; but this shall remain to the end of the world. Before the succession of universal monarchies should have passed away, the new kingdom would be set up that would never be destroyed. Such language is not uncommon. Shall the God of heaven - The God, who rules in heaven; the true God.

Daniel 2 the second chapter of the Book of Daniel tells how Daniel related and interpreted a dream of Nebuchadnezzar II , king of Babylon. In his night dream, the king saw a gigantic statue made of four metals, from its head of gold to its feet of mingled iron and clay ; as he watched, a stone "not cut by human hands" destroyed the statue and became a mountain filling the whole world. Daniel explained to the king that the statue represented four successive kingdoms beginning with Babylon , while the stone and mountain signified a kingdom established by God which would never be destroyed nor given to another people. Nebuchadnezzar then acknowledges the supremacy of Daniel's God and raises him to high office in Babylon. The book of which Daniel is the hero divides into two parts, a set of tales in chapters 1—6, and the series of visions in chapters 7—12, [2] the tales no earlier than the Hellenistic period —30 BCE , and the visions from the Maccabean era the mid-2nd century BCE.

A friend of mine has been reading ahead. I asked him whether there is anything noticeably new in our approach to the Book of Daniel this quarter. He brings everything to completion by force in his own time. From what I have seen so far, perhaps he is.

Daniel 2: What I/We/You/They Have Not Yet Believed

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and vessels from the Temple of God back to Babylon. ). •Daniel asked the king for some time to interpret the dream. A stone was cut out, not by human.

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