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In telecommunications , message switching involves messages routed in their entirety, one hop at a time. It evolved from circuit switching and was the precursor of packet switching.

In large networks, there can be multiple paths from sender to receiver. The switching technique will decide the best route for data transmission.

Wide Area Network Advantages and Disadvantages

Wide Area Network WAN is a collection of various local area networks LAN to transmit the data to the large geographical area in the form of voice, video, image, files. A LAN is a small area network that connects the network only for a limited distance. Ethernet and wifi fall under the local area network.

Merely, the network of all local area networks is called a Wide area network WAN. It connects different LANs and other networks for communication and to share and access data from one user to another user over a longer distance. Many user computers, organizations, employees use the WAN to communicate with another user computer, employees to access the information, discuss and share data all around the world.

The third-party service providers are involved in the connection between the users and the internet. The Service provider is responsible for the transfer of data from one user to another user. Service providers supply a link to interconnect the distinct LANs to the internet.

A very known example of WAN is the internet itself. The internet is a largely connected distributed network where any person can communicate with anyone, anywhere around the globe. There is no central control that interconnects different networks to carry data from one place to another in a small amount of time. A bank cash dispenser is a network that connects to the internet.

It allows the customers to withdraw the amount of money and update the account details to the customer. Different WANs are connected to the internet using satellite links or leased lines. As we have mentioned earlier, a Wide Area Network is a group of distant local area networks. In a local area network, the network is connected only for a certain distance. While In Wide Area Network, the network is connected across a longer distance.

There are numerous ways to connect through WANs. These service providers supply a link to interconnect the distinct LANs to the Internet. A cellular connection is established with a communication satellite to communicate with distinct systems. The ISP Internet service provider connects to the telecommunication satellite to send the signals or information to distant locations. With the help of the telecommunication satellite, the ISP sends the information to the geographical area networks.

The above figure represents the Switched WAN. A switched node is used in global communication. It is a group of several point-to-point WANs that has more than two end connections.

Several nodes have connected to the switches to transfer the data over to other nodes or a public network. Point-to-Point connection diagram represents the communication between two nodes.

It provides a link between the two nodes of equal bandwidth. When a connection is established between modem and ISP, a leased line is dedicated on two sides to exchange the data among two devices. For Example, if a person or a device wants to send information from one system to another, a leased line is created between the two systems by the HDLC method.

The Circuit switching employed in public telephone networks, all the public telephone networks are in the form of Circuit switching. Data communication and voice communication uses circuit switching network. We obtain a path between the two networks by establishing a Switch between the two devices. This switch will find the route to the destination address. To Overcome the problems in circuit switching, we use packet switching.

Packet switching divides the data into several packets and sends the packets sequentially to the destination address only one at a time. The data transmitted in packets. Each packet consists of the destination address and user information. In frame relay, all the nodes connect to the frame relay network by using packet switching technology.

The Frame relay comes under the WAN protocol with high-level performance. The data sent in different routes by dividing it into frames. In Frame relay, it shares the bandwidth to different nodes so as there is no wastage of bandwidth and cost-free. WAN Aggregation is connecting different links at a single point connection to maintain the connectivity among all the other devices.

As in evolving technology, Many companies, corporations are progressing their enterprises across the world. To Overcome this, WAN aggregation is the optimal solution. The aggregating is the connectivity from the corporate headquarters, multiple company branches to communicate with each other.

The employees must able to access resources and applications without compromising security and privacy. Currently, mobility and Social media have directed to increase in the usage of the applications leading to cause a drastic change in user behavior. With an increase in the utilization of applications, there is an enormous increase in data generations in diversifying locations and in many business functions.

These consume higher bandwidth and demands security and privacy. The TCP developed to look into how much data content is delivered.

It defines the required bandwidth for transmission data. The TCP optimization is simply a Window Size that examines the time taken to wait for the transmission of data, to reduce the bandwidth and increase the performance of data transfer. When a router wants to send the information from one router to another router, it passes through a WAN Optimization box.

The WAN optimization stores all the storage in actual data by dividing the data into multiple subparts. This Actual data sent to the other side of the network. The process of data transfer is called a cold Transfer. The second type of data transfer is to send the stored data again is called a Warm transfer. It reduces all the duplicate data that increase space in the storage area and allows to store more non-redundancy data in it.

The public network services are putting many users at risk regarding privacy and security. WAN security is the Basic requirement to connect various companies to their corresponding databases. If we want to access information from an external cloud service, a link between the client and server-side connected to the external IP address.

The SD-WAN is used as a default feature in many Corporate companies for security, optimization, and privacy in networks.

It is a distributed network over a large geographical area. Many local area networks get connected to the WAN. Wide Area Network can send the information from one branch office to the other branch offices or users at various locations. Many Corporations, business holders are maintaining the wide-area network to enhance and stand in this competitive world.

It connects all the remote users, telecommunication services, various branch offices through a WAN. In the s and early s X. As in expanding technology, modern WAN technology came into power. In the s, the network is established only for the local area computers and personal computers with a speed of 56kbps. In , WAN Technology came into force, and soon more expensive and faster connections have been established.

In the early s, ATM services and Frame Relay concepts were introduced that establish cloud services. These cloud services all the organizations and company critical information that no longer need to be maintained. The Mpls uses an IP address within the same network. In different WAN technologies, there is a constant decrease in the bandwidth and make it available for all the organizations at a low cost.

To cause one-to-one communication between the two devices or systems, we apply the concept called Switching. In-Circuit Switching Network, a dedicated path is maintained to make a one-to-one connection between the two devices.

While the transmission, all the packets work in the same Path, and fixed resources are allocated in circuit switching. The below figure represents the Circuit Switching. All the Switches interlinked with each other through the channels. In the voice-over-internet protocol, all the phone calls from the user telephone will be sent to the service provider.

This service provider receives the call as audio. VOIP is the connection between the user phone and the service provider to make the audio transmissions. VOIP packs different audio signals into the data packets with some protocols, these data packets are unpacked at the receiver end with the same protocols.

Due to abundant features and low-cost services, many organizations enterprises are using VOIP Technology. Session initiation protocol, a session description protocol, skype protocol are some of the protocols we use in the VOIP.

In the early days, WAN connects different applications anytime from various locations. All the branches, headquarters of a company connected through a router using a leased line connection called Mpls. The leased line connections are perfectly acceptable at that time of the network.

In leased line connections all the business functions are handled by the company datacenters. Now, with an increase in cloud storage services, the traffic patterns of the data have been changed.

SD-WAn is designed to support all the applications, data centers, and efficient security mechanisms. Most Organizations and enterprises prefer SD-WAN architecture since it provides low-cost and high-security mechanisms. It reduces the cost expenses of the wide-area network by centralizing all the security policies and application performance.

It pushes all the configuration policies at a time to different branch locations manually. It results in consistent policies and reduces errors. In SD-Wam enables the optimization and offload bandwidth from all the MPLs and private lines and improves the operational facilities.

Circuit Switching

Understanding how devices connect to each other is one of the most important elements of networking. The more you know about how your network is tied together the better you are able to respond to performance issues and run in-depth troubleshooting. Circuit Switching and Packet Switching are two of the main models used to facilitate connections within enterprise networks. Contents [ hide ]. Circuit switching is when a dedicated channel or circuit needs to be established before users can speak to each other on a call. A channel used in circuit switching is kept reserved at all times and is used once the two users communicate. Half-duplex communications allocate one channel and full-duplex communications allocate two channels.

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of electronic and mechanical Protection systems for higher Voltage DC V Abstract: While the speed of operation of conventional circuit breakers for equipment CBE is suitable for the majority of modern day equipment applications, ultra-sensitive solid-state circuitry of the nature typically found in telecom power distribution applications will often require faster switching protection under overcurrent conditions than electromechanical CBEs can achieve. Conventional electromechanical circuit breakers as not only protect AC and DC circuitry from overload and short circuit conditions, but in parallel — importantly — additionally ensure that the required physical isolation criteria after contact separation are maintained. CBE manufacturers it is demonstrated therefore, need to be mindful, to incorporate such benefits of traditional electromechanical designs along with the enhanced solid state electronic switching requirements when considering their design options. Faced with this background this paper presents the case for solid-state electronic circuit breakers for smart datacom power distribution systems based on the concept of electronic interrupting devices.

Circuit switching is a connection-oriented network switching technique. Here, a dedicated route is established between the source and the destination and the entire message is transferred through it. Circuit Establishment : In this phase, a dedicated circuit is established from the source to the destination through a number of intermediate switching centres. The sender and receiver transmits communication signals to request and acknowledge establishment of circuits. Data Transfer : Once the circuit has been established, data and voice are transferred from the source to the destination. The dedicated connection remains as long as the end parties communicate. Circuit Disconnection : When data transfer is complete, the connection is relinquished.

The circuit switching network is mainly used for voice communication which requires real time services without any much delay. The network requires only call set.

Switching techniques

Circuit switching was designed in to send telephone calls down a dedicated channel. It is a method that is used when a dedicated channel or circuit needs to be established. A channel used in circuit switching is kept reserved and applied only when the two users need to communicate. Circuit switching connections are classified into two categories half-duplex or full-duplex.

For transmission of data from sender to receiver, communication links are to be established. In a simple computer network , only one link connecting the sender and receiver would be sufficient. But for larger networks, there will exist more than one route between the sender and receiver.

Circuit Switching vs Packet Switching: Differences, Advantages & Disadvantages

Wide Area Network Advantages and Disadvantages

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Message Switching

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Advantages and Disadvantages. It uses a fixed bandwidth. A dedicated communication channel increases the quality of communication. Data is transmitted with a fixed data rate. No waiting time at switches. Suitable for long continuous communication.

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