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The book relies almost entirely on preexisting research, much of which had sparked little controversy when it first appeared, as well as rather conventionally derived sets of demographic and socioeconomic data. Moreover, one of its most controversial positions—that black ghetto populations were stricken by a set of problems linked to debilitating patterns of behavior and family instabilities—had been a fixture of urban policy discourse since the publication of the Moynihan Report in This was a line of reasoning, many argued, that placed the blame for ghetto poverty on underclass blacks themselves rather than the forces of institutional racism that maintained the ghettos they lived in.


Despite the rise of the Black Power movement in the late s, Steele, now an English professor at San Jose University, has held onto the American middle-class ideals of integration and high individual performance. Their margin of choices scares them, as it does all people. To avoid this risk, we hold to a victim-focused identity that tells us there is less opportunity than there really is. In oppression we were punished for having initiative and thereby conditioned away from it. Also, our victimization itself has been our primary source of power in society.

Two equally powerfully elements of our identity at odds with each other. Sounds like the next Batman movie right? This is what has been happening to many black Americans during the 21st century, especially in the s. Shelby Steele, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, has written a personal account about this issue. Published in Commentary, titled On Being Black and Middle Class, this paper answers many questions about why these powerful elements are at odds with each other. Steele explains his own experience growing up in what he calls a double bind.

on being black and middle class

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Lost your password? Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Race, he insisted, blurred class distinctions among blacks. If you were black, you were just black and that was that.

Applying elements of discourse analysis to interview and group discussion based data, this article provides a qualitative thematic exploration of two pressures that confront a group of black middle-class professionals residing in Johannesburg, South Africa. The first pressure is the experience of being black under the hegemonic white gaze and the second is the experience of the marshalling black gaze. The complexities of occupying the positions of being black and middle class and of living with the scrutiny of two gazes concurrently, is explored. The findings suggest that the white gaze persists in seeking to negatively mark and destabilise black professionals and profiting off covert and paradoxical mobilisations of race discourses as a means of bolstering whiteness. On the other hand, the black gaze serves to police the boundaries of what acceptable blackness is. Under this gaze, the professional, black middle class is perceived as having sold out to whiteness and abandoned given conceptions of blackness. Research off-campus without worrying about access issues.

American Essay series, Shelby Steele's essay disturbed readers who saw it not mon with middle-class Americans than with unde&ss blacks, Steele con-.

On Being Black and Middle Class by Shelby Steele

For more than 40 years, social scientists investigating the causes of poverty have tended to treat cultural explanations like Lord Voldemort: That Which Must Not Be Named. Now, after decades of silence, these scholars are speaking openly about you-know-what, conceding that culture and persistent poverty are enmeshed. Massey, a sociologist at Princeton who has argued that Moynihan was unfairly maligned.

This kind of oppression was common in America as late as the s, but as a result of the civil rights movement and a push for equality among the races, this oppression has been nearly eliminated. Although the oppression has been eliminated, the black culture has popularly kept the attitude and lifestyle of victimization has been kept and even strengthened. Shelby Steele, having grown up in a middle-class black family in Chicago in the fifties and sixties, faced many hardships with race and class. Many of the problems he faced were attributed to the so-called double bind a force restricting many black middle class individuals from associating completely with race and class. In Steeles essay, On Being Black and Middle Class, despite being written for college administration, Steeles essay has educated the general public on this lesser known issue.

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