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Low sperm count means that the fluid semen you ejaculate during an orgasm contains fewer sperm than normal. A low sperm count is also called oligospermia ol-ih-go-SPUR-me-uh. A complete absence of sperm is called azoospermia.

Male infertility refers to a male's inability to cause pregnancy in a fertile female. Factors relating to male infertility include: [7]. One of the most commonly known causes of infertility is Klinefelter syndrome , affecting 1 out of — newborn males [11] Klinefelter syndrome is a chromosomal defect that occurs during gamete formation due to a non-disjunction error during cell division. Resulting in males having smaller testes, reducing the amount of testosterone and sperm production. This extra chromosome directly affects sexual development before birth and during puberty links to learning disabilities and speech development have also been shown to be affected.

Male infertility

Oligospermia is a male fertility issue characterized by a low sperm count. Other aspects of the sexual health of men with this condition are typical. This includes the ability to get and maintain an erection, as well as produce ejaculation at orgasm. Sperm count in your ejaculate can vary throughout your life. A healthy sperm amount is often necessary for fertility. Anything below that is considered low and is diagnosed as oligospermia. This is, in part, because not everyone with the condition is diagnosed.

NCBI Bookshelf. Endotext [Internet]. Shlomi Barak , M. This chapter provides a comprehensive overview of the clinical, "hands-on" approach to the diagnosis and treatment of male infertility. It is a resource of evidence-based information for those who are practicing in this fascinating field as reproductive endocrinologists, fertility specialists, urologists, gynecologists and general practitioners. This chapter has been revised with a particular focus on current challenges in the management of severe male infertility.

It may be one or a combination of low sperm concentration, poor sperm motility, or abnormal morphology. The rates of infertility in less industrialized nations are markedly higher and infectious diseases are responsible for a greater proportion of infertility. The present literature will help in knowing the trends of male factor infertility in developing nations like India and to find out in future, various factors that may be responsible for male infertility. Infertility is a condition with psychological, economic, medical implications resulting in trauma, stress, particularly in a social set-up like ours, with a strong emphasis on child-bearing. According to the International Committee for Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technology, World Health Organization WHO , infertility is a disease of reproductive system defined by failure to achieve the clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. There are no reliable figures for global prevalence of infertility,[ 3 ] but estimates suggest that nearly


Please understand that our phone lines must be clear for urgent medical care needs. When this changes, we will update this web site. Please know that our vaccine supply is extremely small. Problems with either of these may mean you have infertility. Below are some of the main causes of male infertility. Problems with making healthy sperm are the most common causes of male infertility. Sperm may be immature, abnormally shaped, or unable to swim.

Male Infertility: An Overview of the Causes and Treatments

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Male Infertility: Problems and Solutions provides a summary of state of the art developments in male infertility for both new and experienced practitioners. Written in a clear, concise and readable style, this volume allows the reader to obtain rapid answers to this challenging medical issue.

Evaluation of male infertility is important to identify a cause and provide treatment if the etiology is correctable. If a specific treatment is not available or the origin of the male factor infertility is not correctable, other options such as assisted reproductive techniques ART may exist. The pharmacist plays a vital role in identifying medications that contribute to male infertility, counseling the couple on medications used to treat infertility, and promoting healthy lifestyles that minimize infertility factors.

Request an Appointment. Most people will have the strong desire to conceive a child at some point during their lifetime. Understanding what defines normal fertility is crucial to helping a person, or couple, know when it is time to seek help.

Trends of male factor infertility, an important cause of infertility: A review of literature

Infertility: Symptoms, Treatment, Diagnosis

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