About English District Life Speakers

Finding local/regional life speakers is an ongoing process of Lifeline. So we look forward to our life speaker list only growing! Check back regularly for new additions from our own congregations in the English District.

In an effort to honor our life speakers' time and talents, we would ask that you would consider the following guidelines:

  • Airfare/Mileage: Actual airfare and/or current standard IRS mileage rate to airport or event.
  • Lodging: Quiet non-smoking hotel room.
  • Honorarium: We ask that sponsoring groups provide an honorarium for speakers. Honorariums depend on number of events. Honorariums begin at $200.
  • Meals: $25 per day unless other arrangements are made.
  • Other: A lectern will be needed. A TV, video projector, DVD player, and screen may be needed.

Featured English District Life Speakers

Dr. Robert Weise

Concordia Seminary - St. Louis

Professor of Practical Theology, holding the Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis Chair in Pastoral Ministry and the Life Sciences


  • 1967 - B.S. Education, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Ill.
  • 1970 - M.S. Biology, University of Illinois, Urbana, Ill.
  • 1973 - Ph.D. Biology, University of Illinois, Urbana, Ill.
  • 1982 - M.Div. Theology, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Mo.

Parish Activities:
Dr. Weise served as a pastor at two LCMS congregations in Illinois (Bunker Hill & Springfield) from 1982-1992

Professional Activities:
Professor of Clinical Hematology, Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, Michigan, 1973-1978

Professor of Practical Theology, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, 1992-Present

Concordia Seminary's Bioethics Chair is one of a kind among Lutheran seminaries in North America, focusing on Scripture, Theology, Life Sciences, and Pastoral Formation.

Life Topics He Can Address:
Stem Cells

Contact Information:
Concordia Seminary
801 Seminary Pl.
St. Louis, MO 63105
Office phone: 314-505-7141
Email: weiser@csl.edu